Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Finished my extra yoga workout for the week.
@CryptoDad I prefer it to a normal run since I always get so sweaty otherwise.
@kryptokenzie I’m not aware of what kind of different ways you can do it, but I always appreciate any tips I can get.


Weekly, report.

Monday, I guess it was a personal best. I have not done leg press since high school. I pushed 6 reps of 568 lbs.

Wednesday was a definitely a personal best: 60 lbs ruck, with sprints. For a distance of over 4.2 miles. Time to focus on the lowering total rucking time for that distance and weight. Plus getting stronger and bigger at the gym.

Going tomorrow morning for more legs, chest, triceps, and anterior, mid, shoulder.

Hoping to get under 215 this week, muscle gains are slowing down the scale progress. Keto has been amazing so far, but now that I am lifting, it is hard to get enough calories.


Third barbell training today and the end of the first week of stronglifts. I can really feel that a barbell trains more muscle groups than the dumbbells because even with less total weight it feels like I’m training more of the body. Not enough weight yet to work up a real sweat, but the weight will quickly increase.


You are also training your nervous system as well. Your body is learning to correctly fire muscles at just the right time to respond to a different stimulus.
Short story, yes the weight will go up. You will surprised at what you are capable of with enough nutrition, training, and rest. In that order.


Got the gym 6:30a.

We don’t have real squat rack. I did leg press 6 sets final set of 6 @ 618 lbs

Then hit chest, triceps, shoulders. I missed my core work. Got recalled to the house by my wife


Tabata Core. Still keeping at it.


Resting today. Went out for a run at 5 AM, and then some yoga. Running kind of lost its appeal when the weather got this hot. Looking forward to the winter already. Will probably cut down on running except for the weekend or if it’s raining.


Walking through golden gate.


Starting work week off with the sweats.

How hard I attack Monday creates a model for the week!


got mine in this morning… feeling good.


Squats, overhead press and deadlifts. The weight is way too low for deadlifts so far, so I just do 5x5 for them as well.


Monday :heavy_check_mark: took my pr from last week and done it twice today :weight_lifting_man: also Friday got done. I forgot to post, but no slacking here. ready for Wednesday and fixing to adjust the meal prep back to Keto for a while, time for a change , time for a challenge :rocket:


Led an F3 workout


Tabata Legs, really wore myself out today. Hard to walk, haha.


Weight training today


Getting mine in!!


Weight training. Reached 30 kg on squats now. I can see it might become a problem not having a rack at heavier weights since I need to lift it from the floor and throw it over my head before I can start, and then move it back the same way when I’m done.


Same boat here , try clean and press and finish with a front squat. :weight_lifting_man:


Wednesday :heavy_check_mark: got it done, feeling great, ready for Friday :facepunch:


Walk through the canyon: