Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



F3 workout.


Two hour walk back and forth in town today, preparing for Midsummer tomorrow.


60 lbs ruck this morning, had to cut it short at an hour. Woke late and had to leave early to do errands. I did get 3.2 miles in though. Gym day tomorrow.


Increased squats to 32 kg (70 lbs) today and it’s already starting to get a bit tough. Mostly it was the lifting from the floor and placing it on my back that’s the problem. Thanks for the tip @CryptoDad I tried some front squats as well today, and man are they hard when you are nothing but skin and bones. I had to rest the bar right on my collar bones, which have no fat to protect them. :sweat_smile:


Damn bro you need a rack… Or you wil be seriously jacked if you keep cleaning the bar from the floor to place it on your back. Keep on lifting and eating :shallow_pan_of_food: :muscle:


Friday in the books :heavy_check_mark: personal best for this year on flat bench :rocket:
Getting the keto meal prep ready for the grocery store pick up , ready to fight the mind battle


Warning for Keto.
I did this diet for 6 months last year. I lost 43 lbs.
I have been on the diet this year since January, I have lost 30 lbs.

Keto is effective at cutting fat, but it is MUCH harder to build muscle in this state. There is also a substantial adjustable period for resistance training, while adjustable to the diet. Especially if you have never been in Ketosis and lifted.
Read up on it. Also be prepared a metric TON of leafy greens, HEALTHY FATS, a daily juiced lemon, and MUCH water to protect your liver and kidneys. If you want to do this long term you will need to learn how to protect your body from the downsides.
Our ancestors lived much of their live in ketosis, but they also eat much more fiber and didn’t the access to freakish amounts of carbs as we do.


Weight training day!


Tabata Core. Also trying to increase the amount of sleep I get, but it’s hard when it’s too hot outside, I usually wake up around 3 AM and have trouble falling asleep again.

@kryptokenzie I completely agree, problem is I have no way of fitting one in here. I might be able to get one of those cheap stands that you can use above a bench when pressing, but those only go so high, and it’s miles from a real rack as far as convenience is concerned. Found one that goes up to 165 cm, I’m 187 cm, so maybe it would work. Not sure I’d feel entirely comfortable with something like that though when you’re racking 80 kg back on it, what if one of them slides to the side and you drop the bar on the floor.


Five mile, 3.5 hour hike in Botany Canyon with ski club. Load of pics on Instagram at michelletech and more than that, but here are a couple. World class bucket list hike for the plant and bird diversity. The place is magical.


Wow that’s amazing landscape. Did you pick some berries?


I had a few wild strawberries. The raspberries aren’t ready. Truly a magical place.


Nice. Same seasons as where I am (Ontario). Strawberries are ready but raspberries will be into July. The moss and ferns and those cliffs :ok_hand: :herb::person_climbing:t3:


These hikes and the camping and kayaking are 15 and 20 minutes from town and my house. I absolutely :two_hearts: my home.


I have to reschedule my training for the coming week so I’m lifting today instead of resting.
Squat, bench and row. Front squats went a lot smoother than last time, so I think I’ll start doing front squats as warm up until I feel like I’ve got them down properly, then I’ll probably only do front squats. The weight at that point will probably be too much to throw back and forth over my head anyway.


Yoga this morning. Such a great start to Sunday.


Kettlebell workout this morning!


Fighting that resistance.


My “rest day” today. Ran for a while and did some yoga. Then I was babysitting my nephew for 11 hours straight, which was tougher than any exercise I’ve ever done. Same thing tomorrow. :sleepy:


Fixing to go get it done, Day 2 of Keto, first keto fueled workout in about 14 years, and I’m bout to crush it :weight_lifting_man: