Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Destroying 5x10 front squats


F3 workout.


I don’t know what is F3 workout but I understand that it must be done in a car while you smile. Would you do some video how you do this? How don’t you sweat all the car’s seat? ,)


Good read for the bitcoin pub fitfam.


It’s about time i join this Daily Exercise Thread. After’s peters last sunday sermon , i need to show how miserable it is… yoooooo


Love this! Thanks for sharing!!


Weight training day!


I pulled my hip flexor yesterday getting up from sitting. I have to take a few days off lifting and it really sucks. A good reminder that off days are going to happen without planning for them. This is why I try to do something physical each day when I can.


Sweating it all off and ready to grind this.


Managed to get in some Tabata Core at 5:30 AM yesterday before the babysitting began.
Lifting today, the cleans are starting to be a problem for my squats, so I think I’ll switch to front squats almost exclusively from now on. Still need some more training on form, but overall it’s going good.


Nice. I haven’t back squatted in 2 years, I only do front squats. Haven’t looked back. :muscle:


Just finished up Wednesday. So far no downside to the keto shift, still to early to celebrate :joy: but so far so good. I meal prepped very well this weekend for this first week. @kryptokenzie hate to hear about your hip man , speedy recovery :+1:


Thanks buddy. I pull it in the same place every once in a while probably due to a natural imbalance in my hips. I want to get back in the gym tomorrow and just use the machines to get some work in.


Hope your hip is better soon!


Hit bench (smith machine), dips, seated dumbell shoulder press, cable cross overs, cable triceps ext and pushups. And 50 chins. No records were broken, just chasing a good pump today. Feels good mane. :grin: :muscle:


30 min yoga today, relaxing but not very engaging. Still waiting for my wrist to recover so I can do some arm balances.


Indoor soccer league… every Thursday!! yoo!!


Tabata Full Body.
Looking forward to tomorrow, twice the squat weight I started with, and +10 kg on Bench and Row.


Changing it up and doing a little kayaking this morning


Epic. Not me.