Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Just pushed through my best Friday yet. All the regular routine was great , then ran 8 laps with dead lifts between every lap. :heavy_check_mark: Friday Done.


Morning - 300 pushups for breakfast

10 pushups every minute on the minute for 30 minutes

Evening- Submission grappling class

1 hour


40 kg squats, 30 kg bench press and row. Front squats are fairly easy, but the fourth and fifth set are getting harder. No problem with bench press or row so far, would help to have a proper bench however. Using a stool at the moment and resting my head on the edge of the bed. :sweat_smile:


Thats putting in the effort, staying positive , and innovative :+1:


Resting today with some yoga and breathing exercises.

It’s a new month today, and an opportunity to do even better than last month. :muscle:
Training with gradually increasing weights has been a great motivator for me to stay in the game. I’m always excited for the next workout the day before because I want to see if I can handle the new weight increase. When I had to use the same dumbbells for every workout before I didn’t look forward to the training as much as I do now. There’s still the possibility of mixing it up by training different body parts every time, but nothing compares to literally being able to see your own progress every time as you pile on more and more weight. I guess the same can be said for most things in life, it’s hard to keep the same burning motivation if you never notice any changes in your results.

My advice for anyone who’s also a noob and thinking of starting their training, get a barbell and a bunch of plates and do compound exercises, even if you have no other equipment at home. It’s a lot more fun than running or lifting the same dumbbells every time. You’ll see your results every single workout which will make you want to continue. :weight_lifting_man:


Finished with today’s lifts. Finally feels like the squat weight is enough to actually give some results. Legs feel sore for the first time.


Fighting resistance this morning. Let’s do this.



The good news is that its much cooler outside this evening. The bad news is that it’s storming. You cant win the race without a horse in the gate. So i’m fixing to get my ass wet. :facepunch:


Burpee test

Did 100 burpees in 10 minutes

Jeez burpees are fun!:neutral_face:


F3 workout


Tabata Cardio, it really wears you out. :triumph:


Phew. Finished squats, bench and row for today. It hurts to walk up stairs now, so I guess I’m starting to get somewhere.


Getting it done. Murcia!


I used to get this regularly with squats but found out it was actually where my quad inserts on the pelvis super light sets of like 50 on the leg extension before squats just to get the blood flowing has been a game changer.


Good message from CT Fletcher who is recovering from a heart transplant.


Did a complete bro day today - all arms :muscle: . And 300 calories on the treadmill. Normally do my cardio outside but it’s hot af here.


Got the work in today. Had some family time at the river this morning life is great. Fixing to fire up the grill and murder some ribs. :muscle: happy 4th :cut_of_meat:


F3 Workout!


Yoga today, and a long walk in the sun.