Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Finished week four of stronglifts. Feels good so far, no real problem with increasing the weight every time except I need to get better at doing a clean.


Getting it in.

Hurting today.


Got Friday done this afternoon :heavy_check_mark:. If there was an excuse in my head there were a at least 10. Resistance is where misery loves company. So i busted out some good tunes and threw an extra 2 liter bottle of water in my hiking pack and after the lift session ran 4 laps with the pack on. Crushed all the mental today :brain:. Still Keto strong, experiment still in session :muscle: cant stop refuse to be stopped :facepunch:


Tabata Core, the worst one of the four. Exhausted, but it feels good. :triumph:





Yoga and a walk today.


At the local crossfit gym. :weight_lifting_man:


Weight training today - day one of Stronglifts 5x5


Week 5 started. 2 kg of bodyweight gained, +30 kg on squats. +15 on the rest.
The squats are getting pretty tough, even if you don’t count the clean, but I still managed to complete all 5 sets.

A slight problem arose today with the bar however, one of the screws that keeps it together has started to come loose (yep, the bar is in 3 pieces that are held together by two screws, since it’s a cheap variant of a real bar). Apparently the screw thread is completely worn out, so now there’s nothing that really holds it in place, it’s in essence nothing more than a wall plug. It would suck to have it break into two pieces while doing an overhead press and getting one piece on my foot. I’ve contacted the manufacturer, and hopefully they can send out a replacement soon. Until then I think I’ll duct tape the whole thing to make sure nothing moves.




Kayak date with some skinnydipping qualifies as a workout in my book.


Hit overhead press, incline dumbbells and a bunch of other bodybuilding training that my spreadsheet told me to do. And 300 calories of cardio.

Cardio makes me hungry. Yeah, I’m into fitness. Fitness food in my mouth. :speaking_head::spoon: :cut_of_meat: :egg::bread::shallow_pan_of_food:


Got Monday done :heavy_check_mark: Pushing through the resistance one day at a time. I had 3 rough days of the keto flu friday through sunday. I feel great now so hopefully that sh!%$ over. :brain:


Hey Fam!
I’m still getting it done with you guys , just haven’t been posting.


F3 workout


@Jake_Sumner Wish I could find something similar in my area. It’s always easier to stay motivated when you do it with other people.

Finished some Tabata Full Body today. Harder than usual, might have to do with the heavy lifting yesterday.


I find the opposite. I always train alone. :man_shrugging:


missed a couple weeks. been busy working on the blackkitty lair. will get back into it soon. one thing is for sure, painting really nags my ACD.
that’s aggressive compulsive disorder.


@bamse and @kryptokenzie

For years, I mostly did cardio by myself and it was incredibley hard to stay consistent and motivated. I would workout regularly for 6 months, then get out of the habit and miss several months before starting up again.

I never really liked trying to coordinate my schedule to workout with others or attend a class at a gym.

For the past 9 months, I’ve really enjoyed including both options.

I do all my weight training alone in my home gym - usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Usually, I’ll throw in some yoga on Sunday.

I workout with a local F3 group on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Since the workouts are boot camp style, I count this as my cardio and it makes it a lot less monotonous than all the running I used to do.

In the gym, I find that committing to a specific routine and increasing weight motivate me to keep pushing forward.

At F3, I’m motivated to push harder than I normally would by the guys around me.

It’s been good to have that mix of internal and external motivations and I’ve been more consistent this past year than any other time in my life.


Anybody could recommend me some ketogenic diet and how to prepare to it? Wanna push myself harder :slight_smile: