Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



There is a new thread in the pub just started yesterday on keto.


3.5m done… yoo!!


Weight training day - Day 2 of Stronglifts 5x5


Including with u.


Worst workout ever today. Not sure why, but I was not in any shape to lift at all. I ended up only completing 3 sets of Squats and 3 sets of Overhead Presses. I even dropped the bar at one point, and now my wrists hurt. Deadlifts worked fine even though I did that last of all. I need to properly rest up for Friday so this doesn’t happen again.


did u have sex , just before work out? lol :joy::joy:
it happens to me , when i do. lol


putting in the work.
Getting ready to see another waterfall :beers:


#Drip yo0000!!!


Sadly not! Might have been this horrendous heatwave that makes it hard to sleep.


Yoga today, feeling a lot better than yesterday.


I fail all the time. It’s all part of the game. If you’re not failing once in a while you’re probably not pushing yourself hard enough. So good for you for pushing yourself. Find strength in that.

I had a really enjoyable lifting session today. Very focused and clear. Working the incline barbell bench press back into my strength routine after giving it a break for a few months (been on dumbbells for a hypertrophy cycle). Felt really smooth.


Thursday is indoor soccer day. div 3 league.


Tried out my new paddleboard today


Weight training - day 3 of Stronglifts 5x5


I’m still doing my walk/run on the treadmill erryday! Upped my 30 mins to 60 this week :rofl::+1:t3:


engage preworkout. it’s starting time.


A long walk today, not in any shape to lift.
Woke up in a sauna at 5 AM having trouble breathing. 28 degrees inside and hardly any oxygen. I did not get the best sleep… :sunny::fire::rage:


Shoulder day the other day for me…


Friday :heavy_check_mark: new record on Flat bench for this year, then ran as fast a i could, which wasn’t really fast at all for a mile with a 15lb backpack. I just put it on the scale, was thinking it was more like 25 lb ,but as my dad has always said" trust your grandmother, But cut the cards anyway" :rofl:


I love doing these.