Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Congrats on the new PR! And signing up to become a trainer - you’ll be great at that!


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 33
Legs were a little tired after running yesterday but still made progress on squats, bench press and rows.


Went for a mile walk yesterday.


Very late stronglifts due to lack of time, not the best workout since I was tired even before I started. Still managed to finish all sets somehow, but stayed on the same weight on all exercises as last time.


Chest day.


40 min of yoga, still struggling to get back to the same form I had 6 months ago.


Stronglifts day 10 :white_check_mark:


just got in the minimal amount of cardio needed to warm up for resistance training, then a quick cool down.


Stronglifts, squats, bench and row. Increased weight on all, back on previous max on squats and close to it on the other two.


Chest and shoulders today. Hit a volume PR with OHP, felt great but not letting it get to my head cuz I know I’ll hit a wall in the future. If I can add 10 lbs to my OHP per year, I’ll take it.


Went for a walk and did some Taichi today.


Saturday training done; Tabata Core.

@kryptokenzie When you talk about volume PR, do you mean that you managed to say do 30 reps instead of 25 reps at a certain weight?


My main volume work on the compound lifts is 4 sets of 8 reps. I use 4x8 as I have found it’s the goldilocks zone for optimal hypertrophy stimulation for me. So by volume PR I mean I completed my 4x8 with an added weight that I have not done before. I normally keep the weights the same for volume work during a training cycle which lasts 4 weeks. I increase my weights for volume work after I have completed a training cycle as follows: squats add 5 lbs, deadlift add 10 lbs, bench add 2 lbs, overhead press add 1 lb.


Cheers for the detailed reply. I’m still just at the beginning of my training that I’ve neglected for nearly all my adult life, so any tips going forward is greatly appreciated.


No problem. I was not always strong. I am 4.5 years into my lifting career, the first year or so was wasted on bro programs that got me no where. I started to take lifting seriously in 2015 and began the stronglifts program which I ran for 8 months. After stronglifts I moved onto the Texas method, but found this method to not be enough volume for me and my goals. I discovered wendler 5/3/1 and used the boring but big assistance template. For me this program was extremely effective. I’ve designed my own assistance work now since I have more knowledge and experience behind me, but I still stick with the core of the 5/3/1 program as my ultimate focus. If you’re looking for something else to try after stronglifts I recommend wendler 5/3/1 along with the boring but big assistance work.


Had a pretty fun match today. Was absolutely the best weather to play in so far this year.


stronglifts day 11 building back up :+1:
@powerofknowledge what class do you play in? The highest I ever played was 4.0 I have a friend that played 4.5 and on occasions 5.0. or open as they call it here.


With a proper doubles partner we would be playing 5.0, I don’t play singles anymore. Currently playing down a little in ALTA as my dad and uncle are on this team.


Morning run followed by some yoga.


Stronglifts 5x5
Day 34
Feeling strong. Making progress on squats, OH Press and Deadlifts.