Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



2 hours on the gazelle yesterday with a side of resistance training.


Hey Peter, i remember you once said that you benched some state records, how much do you bench now?


Saturday Tabata Core done.


Way to go! Hitting that PR!!


Double workout this morning - gonna feel it tomorrow for sure!

F3 Alpha Ruck with 20 lbs. 3.2 miles/53 min. My calves and shins were burning for the first 20 min but Catfish, Devito and Zohon helped me push through.

F3 Alpha Convergence with 40 guys - 60 min. Partnered with Bronco to finish strong.


Stronglifts day 14
Building back up :+1:
starting to feel the burn :fire:
Had a great session this morning added in some accessory work from my old routine.


Tennis was today’s exercise.


Breathing exercise, push-ups and yoga.


:walking_woman:t2::walking_woman:t2::walking_woman:t2::walking_woman:t2::walking_woman:t2::walking_woman:t2::walking_woman:t2: Erryday


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 36

Traveling for work tomorrow so I’m getting in a rare Sunday evening workout. Making progress on squats, OH Press and deadlifts.


Getting mine in.


Sadly no time for stronglifts today so I’ll have to reschedule it, but I did manage to get in some yoga in the evening.


Morning run - 3.2 mi, 37 min
Finally a cool morning. Loving this weather. Shins are still sore from ruck on Saturday but pushing through.


Started to cycle to work. Its a 16 mile round trip. Going home is all uphill. Getting a bit more energized.



Stronglifts day 15
Getting those reps in :weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♀
Until Thursday :rocket:


Stronglifts. Squats, bench and row. PR on bench, progressing on the rest.


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 37

Making progress on bench press and barbell rows.

Plateaued on squats - experiencing some hip pain as I lift heavier so I’m keeping the same weight and adjusting my form.


Getting it in.


:raising_hand_man:t2:Not been on here for a long time, anyone in need of a coach hit me up its my day job and if your looking at competing i’m your man
Check me out on Instagram Bradleyjackson88 :muscle:t2:


I would consider it, but I hate dieting and don’t like being below 200Lbs :skull_and_crossbones: . Permabulk life for me. :rofl:

Maybe I’ll step on stage 2019. Competeing is a great way to test yourself. How many competitions have you done?