Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Found a gym near my hotel. Old school as fuck.


Hhahaha i know what you mean mate forever growing haha i have coached over 300 to the stage amongst the 3 Ifbb Pros one of which was my wife for the 2016 Olympia now i just focus on the amateur levels due to the politics in the pro devision
Have you always been into training mate?


Been training since 2014 so I was a little late to the iron game. I’m currently enrolled in ISSA certification to become a certified trainer (do you recommend any other certifications/programs?). I want to pursue a career path as a strength and conditioning coach as lifting has given my life more purpose than anything else I have discovered. I love lifting more than anything.


Managed to get some Tabata Full Body in. Haven’t had time to eat properly lately, so I’m dropping in weight, need to fix that.


ISSA are great buddy if i’m honest my education with regards towards strength, conditioning, nutrition and hormonal response all came from after my certification we never stop learning as a coach. I got into it to over come Bulimia which i had for 14 years from the age of 11 the gym and lifting give me purpose and then helping others has become my profession for the last 7 years :v:t2: its a brilliant line of work you wont regret it


1 avocado 2 bananas 1 tea spoon of honey 350ml coconut milk 350 ml of almond milk & hand full of spinach blitz in blender tasty as fuck and super quick :muscle:t2:


Shoulders Finished :v:t2: kick arse you guys


Damn my man… time fo you to update your face on the pub… and not be JIHAN WOO08%20PM


I’ve never gotten round to it i kinda like the Jihan Woo :joy: who is he anyway i never selected him haha


I always have to double check to see if it is @Jacko1988 commenting. There is a few with this picture :weary:


The co founder of bitmain I think


Simple bodybuilding day today focusing on back and biceps. 50 close grip chins, dumbbell flat bench seal rows, barbell curls, facepulls, rear delt fly, cable curls with rope and reverse grip w bar.

@Jacko1988 I personally don’t care too much for the certification, it’s more for having some sort of credentials for clients perception. I agree there’s much more that can be learned outside of programs. The fitness industry is filled with a lot of :poop:
Glad you overcame that illness through lifting. I’ve yet to come across a lifter who hasn’t been through some shit and used the gym to become a brand new person. I started lifting because I was always a lanky bean pole and wanted to be become bigger and stronger than every mofo who ever teased me about being skinny. But now I don’t worry about that. I have much bigger goals to focus on.


Jacko that you??? :joy:


It sure is buddy :v:t2:


You gym nut! I thought I loved the gym haha, well kinda’ need to for my job to be fair but still.

Looking good mate! You coming to this London meet up in November?

Also you still holding that xrp, did i read something earlier from scraggy you’ve given it up for a bit of KMD? :joy:


Its my stress reliever mate and my job haha what line of work are you in?

and i didn’t even know there was one???

Of course buddy I add to XRP weekly big believer in $5 plus XRP i go where the banks go dont get me wrong i have a few tickets of BTC too in storage with an average of $4.8k on them. also hold ICX @scraggyhound is desperate for us to jump in on KMD :money_mouth_face:


I now have a face so to speak :sunglasses:

no longer the little . specky Chinese dude no offence people :v:t2:


Done and done haha :muscle:t2:


Stronglifts. Squats, overhead press and deadlifts. Feeling a bit weird in my left knee when lifting heavy, no real pain yet but maybe it’s getting there. I think I’ll skip my third stronglifts this week and rest until Monday and hopefully it will be back to normal again.


Surprised myself with tying my previous PR on front squats today. I thought I’d be a few more months getting back to that level before my small set back. Pretty pumped up about that.

Looking forward to deloading next week.