Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Afternoon run - 3.3mi 36min

Loving this cooler weather. Shins are still sore so taking it slow and easy.


What’s the average temperature for you this time of year?


It’s been in the mid 40s to mid 50s lately and feels great! So much better than the 80’s-90’s from just a few weeks ago! Fall is finally here!


Wow that’s colder than here in the uk. We have been around 15 degrees. We normally have terrible weather but we have had a decent few months


stronglifts day 16 :white_check_mark:


Bigly. Do it. Friday’s.


Leg session. Finished on the bike. Absolute killer.


Yoga day.
The weather here is getting pretty nice as well, first morning of 0 Celsius today. Great weather for wearing shorts. :+1::snowflake:


OHP and chest volume day. Up to 12K pull ups today for the year. Want that 15,000 :muscle:


I actually had to lay in bed after my session :joy:


After watching this video with Firas Zahabi I have been upping my volume and keeping the intensity medium


5 rounds of 20 reps each

Jumping Jacks,Air Squats,Supermans,Reverse Lunges


F3 Workout at The Zoo
Brought the girls along today and they got to pick their nicknames. Meet Bitty Banana, Apple and Pupcake!


Short but intensive training today. 15 min of upper body training. Did a little bit of everything, front and back flyes, overhead press, row, bench press. Used dumbbells, and barbell with less weight than usual, and did one exercise until I couldn’t lift any more, changed to another one for a different muscle group without resting and just kept going like that for 15 min straight.


Stronglifts day 17 :muscle:
Still building back up felt great today :rocket:


My poor legs are killing tonight :cold_sweat:


Got in a nice walk today. Came into this thread and had an unsent comment from not sure when. Got to remember to click the big blue button lulz


Back and biceps day 2 done for this week. No lifting tomorrow and deloading next week. Scored 3 PRs on this cycle. Time to get big :muscle:


Sore as from PR 105kg DL :slight_smile: definitely getting stronger and building some muscle



Reverse ladder 10-9-8-etc.

bicycle crunches.


Just some breathing exercises and yoga this morning.