Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Dead’s this morning
heading back towards my goal of 225kg for 8
today had 5 sets of 210 for 5,5,5,4,3, safe to say i’m fucked and time to switch off and take the little one swimming :v:t2:


Morning run - 4.5 mi, 46 min
This is the best run I’ve had since I started training for the Ragnar Relay. Shins are still a little sore so I’m still not at 100% yet but I’m getting there!


Killing the game.


Box breathing

Yoga to warm up

300 pushups

walked 3 miles (so far today)


Stronglifts. PR on row. Increased weight on squats and bench press as well, went a lot smoother than I had expected.


Stronglifts 5x5 day 38. Deloaded on squats and deadlifts. My right hip is still sore so letting it recover a bit more before pushing into heavier weights. Still making progress on OH Press.


Getting some back in :+1:t3:


Tabata Legs finished for today.


Stronglifts Day 18
Its amazing how balancing this routine is.
Hit a volume record today on bench. Squats and Row are moving along great. :muscle:


Really sore in my legs today, so I switched to yoga instead. Finally seeing some progress on the various poses.


Get your deadlift in people show me your last rep face

winner gets 10 xrp :joy:

Have great day guys and girls :v:t2:


Stronglifts Day 19
Starting to feel the pressure but still stacking plates :muscle:


Last light leg session today for the recovery week.

@Jacko1988 nice challenge :sunglasses: . I haven’t touched anything over 225kg in a while. I really should test my max on the next cycle. :toomah:


Stronglifts. Keeping at it, increasing weight on overhead press and squats slowly. Still the same deadlift weight until I can get some bigger plates.


do it brother how do you vary your training?


I haven’t tested 1RM in over two years. I focus primarily on increasing strength on 8RM, 5RM and 3RM for all my lifts. I used to concern myself with increasing my 1RM, but it fucked with my head too much and brought my ego into my lifting as well as risking injury due to form breakdown. It’s much more satisfying pulling big weight for reps than maxing out on 1 pull. I use the equivalent calculation to determine ballpark where I’m at for max strength, which I plug in as my training max.


Crushing it this morning.


Back Day


Legs earlier today :+1:t3:


2.6 mi, 33 min
Easy Saturday morning run. Hattie joined me for the last 10 minutes!