Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Back to upper body work for me today guys, hope you all had a killer day :raised_hands:t2:
New pre workout and jam on toast got me pumped :joy:


How much ya bench bro?

Legs today :leg::leg:. Front squats for volume, followed by 3 sets of 12 reps barbell hip thrusts, sissy squats and quad ext. And 40 pull ups done in sets of 5 between all working sets to add extra volume without taxing too much. Always get those pull ups in when you can, small amounts add up over time.


Sick. Doesn’t matter. Grind don’t stop.


Stronglifts. Really starting to feel heavy on squats, bench and row going fine so far.


3.2 mi / 42 min
Great Saturday morning run. Taking it nice and easy. Coldest run yet @ 35 degrees.


Resistance training today, been on a solid streak. No internet for a few days made it easier to do some extra workouts last week.


Tabata Core done. Had a lot more energy than I usually do and pushed through. I can feel the burn in my stomach and legs a lot more too because of it.


Cold glass of water

5 minutes Box breathing

Followed by Vitality Meditation (visualizing white light entering your body and pooling in belly in inhale and negative energy dissipating and leaving on exhale)

20 minute Fit Warrior Kokoro Yoga sequence from https://community.unbeatablemind.com/

Coffee time!


Stronglifts day 23 :white_check_mark:
The deload is helping with form. Except for dead lifts I was feeling it today so i broke my old record by 20 lbs. Defiantly time to deload it as well now. :weight_lifting_man:


Stronglifts 5x5- Day 41
Making progress on squats, bench press and rows.


Rest day. Yoga and 100 push-ups.


Getting it in. Monday’s!


Stronglifts. Keep improving on squats and overhead press. Same weight on deadlifts but it’s getting easier.


Back and biceps day.



Tabata Full Body done.


Leg day


Core work…and arms. #EveryDayisArmDay


Stronglifts Day 24 :white_check_mark:
It was cold today here. Were getting February weather here so I had to take some extra time warming up.:rocket:


Getting it.