Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Smashed a PR on my top set of overhead press and also a PR on incline dumb bell bench for volume sets. Making strength gains is the most amazing feeling :muscle:


Stronglifts. Increasing weight on squats, bench and row.


Yoga day. Warmed up with regular poses and finished with various hand balances.


Stronglifts day 25
Still grinding :muscle:


Resistance training today, haven’t been posting but I’ve been on a solid workout grind recently and it feels sooooooo good.


Stronglifts. Slowly increasing on overhead press, squats and deadlifts going strong.


Friday baby. Let’s get it!


I train 6 days per week and took an off day today. Had an amazing week of training this week and know it’s time to take a rest. Normally I take a rest day on Saturday or Sunday, but I’ll be in the gym early tomorrow morning and Sunday to keep smashing records. Hope you’re all making those gains :muscle:


Shoulder and biceps day.


Later in the day

did a plate circuit 45lb plate


Tabata Core done for today.


3.5 mi / 39 min
Afternoon run - Finally a day with no rain. Perfect weather for a run today!


Morning run, 2.5 km in 15 min. Pitch black and 4 degrees outside.
Finished off with 15 min yoga when I got back.


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 42 - making progress on OH Press, plateaued on squats and deadlifts


Stronglifts day 26
Rare Sunday workout, was called into work yesterday for overtime
Building back up :+1:it’s nice to see your deloads are higher than when you first started :muscle:


Box breathing

30 minutes in the sauna


Morning run a 3.1 mi / 40 min
Cool morning. Great for a run!


Getting it in!


Stronglifts, keep increasing the weight on squats, bench and row.


Going to smash the absolute $&#@ out of some weights today. Out of all the things that can be taken away in life the ability to get stronger isn’t one. :muscle: