Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Just about to leave for the gym myself buddy have a good one


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 43

New PR on bench press and row. Time to deload! Making progress on squats.


Phew, Tabata Full Body done for today. Really felt it today.


Chest day and Cardio.


Box breathing

Kokoro Yoga


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 2 hours


Morning run. 3.5 km, 21 min. First snow of the winter, really nice to get out there. Felt like a sauna when I came back in though.


Getting it in.

Always with excellence.


Morning run - getting it done.
1.8 mi / 20 min. Looking forward to a long run this weekend.


Back day


Resistance training day, getting close to needing to move up to the next level :muscle:


Stronglifts Day 28 :white_check_mark:
I forgot to post Tuesday day 27 but had a good session then and an absolute great session today. Steadily increasing plates and starting to add back some of my old routine on days like today when I have the extra time.
Hope all you guys and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. :muscle:


Stronglifts. Still keeping at it, completed 5x5 with a new max weight for overhead press today, after slowly getting in to it by first doing 1x5 with the heavier weight, and then increasing to 2x5 etc.


Turkey day +1


Yoga day, 45 min. Half warm-up and half hand balances.


Stronglifts day 29
Smashed it today. Fueled by all the holiday food :shallow_pan_of_food:. Time to get back to work. :rocket:


Did you know that your ability to get up off the floor is a predictor of health? Try the Sitting and Rising Test.

I practiced Dan John’s β€œget back up” circuit.

This for 4 Rounds.


Chest, arms and shoulder day. Did a short but intensive workout.


Morning run, 3.8 km in 21 min. Followed by 15 min yoga.


Morning run - 3.5 mi / 55 min
Great run this morning! Hattie came along for the last mile.


Stronglifts 5x5 Day 45

Making progress on squats, oh press and deadlift.