Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



are you David goggins. ? lol


Nope. Have talked to him, raced him a couple times. He won. But he won’t next time.


I started Kobudo mid year (Japanese karate weapons martial arts) and just passed my yellow belt grading. I LOVE it. It’s always great to find something you love.


Getting it.


nicee… all the best brother… !


Stronglifts day 38 :white_check_mark: steady gains :muscle: cant stop wont stop :weight_lifting_man:


Doing it up.


No Stronglifts today guys. Only a few yoga mat push ups and some inversion table situps. Ran to the Dr. this morning and got a shot. Hopefully I can get back at it Saturday. Now it’s time to go to work. :muscle:


21 days = habit
90 days = life style

working out 4-5x a week now.
keep blasting it my team!

here is the music i listen to!


Quick run after a few weeks off. Feels great to be back out there!
2.1 mi / 20 min


Glad to see people are still at it. I’ve finally started recovering after being ill for three and a half weeks, and did 100 push-ups today. Hope I’ll have the energy to properly get back to it now, because it’s really depressing to just sleep and rest for this amount of time. I’ve not been able to get up before 10 AM until this morning, all other days I’ve slept at least 12 hours a day and felt dizzy just walking to the grocery store. This is the first time in over 7 years I’ve really felt ill, so this has been an ordeal.
I won’t be making my training goals this year, but I’ve done a lot since January. Nothing else to do but keep on going towards next year as well. :muscle:


Take a look back on the last 6 months or 1 year. Are you stronger than you were then? Sometimes we lose sight on seeing measurable progress day-to-day and week-to-week, but when you look back 6 months it can be pretty motivating.

What fitness goals is everyone setting for themselves in 2019?

Still sorting mine out but some are:

-113kg OHP
-272kg Deadlift
-Complete a full bodybuilding contest style prep. Probably not going to compete, but I want to push myself and get to stage ready leanness.


Absolutely. I started the year lifting 10 kg dumbbells, and am ending with 72 kg squat and 62 kg bench press. After training intensely 6-7 days a week for the better part of the year it’s quite disheartening to have to spend almost a whole month doing nothing. I think I’ve lost almost 10 pounds and have been eating 1-2 times per day during this time.
My goals for next year is to continue Stronglifts and get back to running a bit more, I am aiming to complete Tough Viking in May, which includes 8 km of running, on top of all the obstacles you have to get through.
After gaining this much weight compared to the start of the year, I’ve felt that I have much more trouble during my Tabata sets whenever there’s an exercise where you’re in a plank/push-up position, so I will make sure to get back to 100 push-ups per day again, at least until it gets easy with this body weight.


I definitely have to set new goals for this upcoming year. I’m still thinking :thinking: so I don’t have long to get them out.I was still a bit under the weather today so I deloaded around 20 percent and did my not so stronglifts :rofl:. But at least I made an effort and finished. A year ago I could not of had finished the routine from today even on a good day. I can’t wait to get to feeling better and start the new year :muscle:


Feels good to be back. Tabata Core completed for the day.


Nothing for today, but I’ll be cooking in a hot kitchen half the day, so that’s plenty of exercise anyway.

Merry Christmas from Sweden to everyone here at The Bitcoin Pub! :gift::christmas_tree::tada:


Run and walk - 3 mi / 36 min
Perfect weather today. Had a little help at the end from Hattie


Merry Christmas pub mates.
Stronglifts Day 42 :white_check_mark:
Still on the deload trying to kick this cold out of my system. I am feeling better everyday so I will continue back up from here. Goals and content are on my list for this upcoming year. I think an additional 50 lbs for dead lift 5 rep max, 50 lbs for squat and flat bench 5 X 5 would be achievable yet challenging. That is basically 1 lb per week on average. So let me know what you guys think. I look forward to reading what goals you have for your routine. :muscle:


45 min of yoga, felt a bit rusty after the hiatus.


Stronglifts Day 43 :white_check_mark:
Slowly getting back to normal. I pushed it today trying to sweat it all out. Getting better everyday. :+1: