Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Stronglifts yesterday. First time in a month. Deloaded to make sure I could finish it. It’s really noticeable when you’ve not done something for a while.

Tabata Legs today even though my legs were sore after the stronglifts. Now my legs feel like jello.
Until tomorrow.


Stronglifts Day 44 :white_check_mark:
Today was 1 Year 3 times per week without missing a session. :metal:
Now time to get started on this next years strength goals. Cheers to 2019 :clinking_glasses:


2019 goals: Run 4,000 miles, run 400+ miles in a 6-day race, run 130+ miles in a 24 hour race, run a sub 19 hour 100 mile flat course race, run sub 24 hour technical trail race. Basically just run a lot for no particular reason. In that process, climb 500,000 vertical feet. As for strength training, just the basics…heavy, low rep dead lifts, maintenance weight squats, body weight pushups/pull-ups. Big picture, it’s not really a big time commitment. The running is probably 7 to 8 percent of the year in terms of hours. Compare that to how many hours people spend staring at a chart and ask who the crazy one is…


100 push-ups and 20 min yoga.


Tbh I’d rather stare at a chart than run 4,000 miles :exploding_head::wink: haha

Good effort though man, I used to run when I was in the RAF but just stick to weights now! And id probably still enjoy chucking some weight on my back and walking for miles, maybe I’ll take that up in the new year!


Still very sore in my legs after the stronglifts, so I’ll skip today and prepare for Wednesday.
Just 100 push-ups and some yoga this morning.


New Year’s Eve Run
2.3 mi / 26 min
Foggy cool morning for the last run of 2018. Ready to start the new year strong!


Legs feel better today. Finished Tabata Cardio.


New Year’s Day Run
3.0 mi / 34 min
First run of 2019! Had a little help from Hattie at the end.


New years Day Stronglifts :white_check_mark:
Great way to start 2019 :weight_lifting_man:


12.8 miles on the treadmill.


Getting it in.


Happy new year guys,
Happy new year Peter. Hope you’re well my friend.
Full Leroy.


First stronglifts of the year. Increasing the weight to get back to my previous max. Feels good to get some work done again.


Morning run
2.1 mi / 21 min
Good run - nice cool weather today!


First PRs of the new year today on front squats - increased my 1 rep max equivalent and also the heaviest weights I’ve done on the back off volume sets. Have some big things to accomplish in the next 364 days. The challenge is on.


Morning run
2 mi / 20 min
First rainy run of 2019. Cool and comfortable - I’m loving running in shorts and t-shirt in January!


Yoga day, slowly getting back to being able to do the more advanced poses.


Stronglifts :white_check_mark:
Still moving up since the last deload. Things are starting to get heavy. The gravity battle is on. :weight_lifting_man:


Morning Run
2.2 mi / 24 min
A little rainy this morning but great run.