Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Stronglifts. Squats, bench and row. No problem getting back to it so far.


Tabata Core done for the day. Exhausting as ever.


Morning run
2.3 mi / 25 min
Feeling good. Loving this cool clear weather!


Morning run, 2.35 km in 13 min.
I bought some running shoes after Christmas, and man what a difference it was using them. It was a lot easier to move forward, almost like running on clouds, compared to using my regular shoes made only for walking which are very stiff. It felt easier to run, and I ran faster than before.
Finished with some yoga and 100 push-ups.


Stronglifts :white_check_mark:
Everything is getting heavy. Everything is getting lifted :weight_lifting_man: I hope to make another jump this week and set a new PR on all lifts by this Saturday. :rocket:


Morning run
3.3 mi / 35 min
Nice cool morning. Adding a little more distance.


Stronglifts. Squats, overhead press and deadlifts. Feels good, getting heavy again.


Tabata Full Body done for the day. :triumph:


Sunshine and stronglifts :white_check_mark: :weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♀


This is most excellent! Looking strong!


Morning Run
3.4 mi / 35 min
Feeling great. Continuing to add mileage.


Stronglifts. Very heavy today, think I’ll have to slow down the weight increase a bit to make sure I don’t fail any reps while squatting. Not long to go until new PR at least.


A long yoga workout, as well as 100 push-ups.
I’m aiming to do at least 30000 push-ups this year, so far I’ve not missed any day.


Stronglifts :white_check_mark:
45 and sunshine :white_check_mark:


Stronglifts. Feels good, keep adding the weight little by little.


Morning run. 2.35 km / 15 min.
Absolutely terrible weather for a run, nearly every inch of the roads outside is covered with ice, so with every step I was slipping, felt like being in a Scooby Doo cartoon.


Got my Tabata Core and push-ups in as well before lunch.


Morning run
4.2 mi / 43 min
Great run - adding more distance. Longest run of 2019 so far.


Stronglifts :white_check_mark:
Set all new PRs today. :weight_lifting_man:
I’m defiantly deloading starting Tuesday.
@Jake_Sumner your distance and time ratios look really good :+1: whats the total distance for the relay?


The total distance for the team is 200 miles but I’m only running about 20 miles total during 3 legs. I’ve never done one of these Relay races but it looks like it will be fun!

Way to go on the new PRs! I’m laying off Stronglifts until after the race but looking forward to getting back to it in February.