Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Morning run, 2.5 km / 17 min.
Finally a little bit colder, no new snow though so it’s still really slippery. -4 Celsius.
Finished off with some yoga and push-ups.

@Jake_Sumner So you’re almost running an entire marathon on your own? That’s a lot of running. Tough Viking is only 8 km of running, which of course isn’t the main focus of it, but that feels like a long enough distance for me, haha.


@bamse Yes it’s almost a marathon by myself. It is broken up where I’ll run 9 miles the first leg and 4.5 miles for the 2nd and 3rd legs so it gets easier. And I’ll have 4-5 hours between each leg to recover. My training is more like 1/2 marathon training than full. I’ve never done one of these relays but I’m looking forward to it. I still want to try a Viking/Spartan/Tough Mudder. Those look like a completely different challenge - not as much focus on just running.

Morning run
5.2 miles / 50 min
Picking up the distance and pace. Feeling good but I’ve got to keep pushing as it’s only 32 days to Ragnar Relay


@Jake_Sumner Aha, so it’s a full day of running with lots of people in the same team. You seem to be making good progress, and I wish you the best for the competition.
I’m preparing for Tough Viking in May with running, lifting and explosive training. Sadly I don’t have access to any rings, ropes or something to do pull-ups on. I’ve heard that there is a lot of climbing and swinging from ropes in the various stops during the race, so it would certainly help to be prepared properly. Maybe I can find a tree somewhere to utilize (most trees here have branches that are too far above the ground to grab onto).

Stronglifts today. Squats, bench press and barbell row.


F3 workout - Big Creek. Good to be back out with the guys!


Tabata Cardio done. :triumph:


Stronglifts Day 51 :white_check_mark:
Really enjoying the deload :weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♀


Morning run
6.2 mi / 60 min
Longest run so far. Building up to Ragnar!


Stronglifts. Finally back to maximum on deadlifts again, getting close on squats and overhead press.


F3 Big Creek
8 PAX today - great workout led by Dumpster


Yoga day followed by a long walk. It snowed yesterday, then it melted a bit, and froze during the night, so absolutely everything is covered in ice now. Not exactly ideal for running.


Smashed some Stronglifts this morning:white_check_mark:. Time to head to work :+1:


Back back back. Let’s docthis.


Last Stronglifts done for the week. :weight_lifting_man:


Morning run, 2.4 km / 13 min.
Very nice weather, -8 C, even though it’s still extremely slippery.


Morning run
5.3 mi / 52 min
Feeling good! Cool and misty outside today. Only 27 days to Ragnar!

@bamse, @CryptoDad and @peter You guys are making me miss lifting! I’m cutting back on lifting and focusing on running until Ragnar but I’ve got some Stronglifts goals set for Q2.


Stronglifts Day 53 :white_check_mark:
Hit a PR today on 10 rep deadlift after the 5 x 5 session. The weather was not that great today. But after a year of lifting outside under a shed you learn to appreciate the changing of the seasons.
@Jake_Sumner on the flip side your making me want to add running back to my routine :+1:


Just some breathing exercise and yoga today. Also took a long walk while the sun was still up.

@Jake_Sumner I missed it too when I was sick, it really is something else. But your training towards Ragnar made me finally decide to sign up for Tough Viking to test myself, and I got a good reason to start running more.


Morning run
6.2 mi / 64 min
22 degrees - coldest run yet. Feeling great this morning. Continuing to add distance. Testing out some gear for Ragnar. First time running with a hydration pack and energy chews. Only problem was liquid kept freezing in the drinking tube!


Stronglifts done. Squats, overhead press and deadlifts. Really heavy, but no problems getting it all done.


F3 Big Creek
Great Q led by The Body with 7 Pax