Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Stronglifts day 54
42 and partly cloudy :sun_behind_small_cloud:


Tabata Full Body done, and a nice walk in the snow.


Morning run
7.2 mi / 75 min
Longest run in years. Making progress to Ragnar distance. Only 23 days to go!


Stronglifts. Finally back at previous max on squats, should be no problem to go further now that I’ve recovered from the break.


Getting mine in now!


F3 Big Creek
Great Q by Hammer with 10 Pax


Yoga day, followed by a brisk walk in the nice weather. The snow has finally come back and it’s a cool -8 degrees.


Stronglifts day 55 :white_check_mark:


2.1 mi / 20 min
Just a quick recovery run. Feeling good!


Stronglifts day 56 :white_check_mark: progressive overload headed back :point_up:


One of the gyms here held a free training course for Tough Viking. I attended and got to try some of the obstacles that will be present during the race. It was one hour of very intensive exercise. Now I know what parts I need to focus more on as well.
Lifting an 80 kg medicine ball was a lot harder than deadlifting the same weight, I had no chance to get it to my knees.
Monkey bars or any kind of exercise where you are hanging by your hands is definitely my weakest point, no doubt my sudden 20 kg body weight increase has to do with it, as well as simply not having done any pull-ups in almost 20 years.
The ramp was cool, but it was pitch black so I had trouble seeing the incline properly and ended up slamming into the wall twice because I thought I could take one more step before jumping up. Hopefully I’ll have use for my hand again in the future, it hurts like hell at the moment.

I will definitely attend the coming free training sessions as well in preparation for the race. Lots of fun, and this makes me look forward to the real deal even more.

Took the opportunity to have a bath as well. My nephew is overseeing to make sure nothing goes wrong. :joy:
The ice was about 20 cm thick, so it took some digging to get through. Really nice and refreshing, I think it was -5 degrees outside and the water must’ve been very close to 0 degrees. Managed to warm up in a few minutes afterwards with some Wim Hof Method breathing. :snowflake::heart:


@bamse That sounds like an amazing day! Glad you got a chance to preview the onstacles. That ice bath looks unreal!

Morning run
4.0 mi / 40 min
Hit my target distance for the week - 19 miles. Only 19 days to Ragnar Relay - feeling good!


Getting it done! Good work @CryptoDad :muscle:


Morning run
6.2 mi / 62 min
Great run. Nice and cool this morning!


Getting it. The week has just begun. Boom.


@Jake_Sumner It was a great day and nice workout, the only downside was that nearly every muscle in my body was aching the day after, so I had trouble just getting out of bed. :sweat_smile:

I thought I was used to this more since I work out every day, but apparently there are a lot of muscles I never touch. My hand and wrist is still damaged, so I’ve not even been able to do push-ups. Should be back to normal tomorrow.


F3 Big Creek
5 Pax showed up before snow is supposed to roll into Atlanta. Great Q by Swiper.


Stronglifts day 57 :white_check_mark:
38 degrees nice and cold for zone 8 B


Getting it.


Stronglifts Day 58 :white_check_mark:
I had to push this morning to finish. Some days are that way but you still have to get the job done.:+1: