Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



This thread has beem going for a while. Any brave souls ready to post some before and afters?


Oh… thought you still wanted to know about STOs…


hahaha, not like this peter… :sweat_smile:


Getting it int.


Stronglifts Day 59 :white_check_mark:
Still pushing trying to get past this plateau. I’m going to give it another week or two before I decide if its time to deload. :muscle:


Morning run
8.2 miles / 83 min
First 8 miler - on track to run Ragnar in 12 days!


Morning run
4.2 mi / 44 min
Great run this morning. Feeling good!


F3 Big Creek
Great tour of the park pavilions led by Whiz with 10 PAX total.


Stronglifts day 60 :white_check_mark: decided to go ahead and do a 30% deload today. The body and mind need a breather. @Jake_Sumner looks like you’re ready to dominate :muscle:


Still going strong over here! Haven’t missed a day of working out in 7 months and 5 days! :partying_face::woozy_face:


@booins Way to go! That’s quite a streak! Keep it up!


Looking strong @CryptoDad
Congrats on hitting 60 days of Stronglifts!
Yes - I’m ready to dominate the race. Feels good to set a big goal and be on track to hit it!


Morning run
5.4 miles / 58 min
Rainy run today - getting those miles in. Only 9 days to Ragnar Relay.


Keeping it going!


F3 Big Creek
The Body led 8 Pax this morning in a great beatdown to start the day.


First Stronglifts in two weeks, although it was just half of it. My wrist is still in pretty bad shape, and both my forearms turned pink and then purple a few days after Tough Viking, so I guess they were bruised quite a bit. I still can’t do push-ups but I managed to keep the bar on my back while doing squats to at least get some training in.
I find it really demoralizing not being able to train fully when I’m used to doing something every day, which is why I haven’t been doing much of any exercise, except walking. I’ll simply have to try to focus more on my legs while my wrist heals and do my best to speed up the healing process.


Stronglifts Day 61 :white_check_mark:
Great mid week workout. :rocket:


Short recovery run today - feeling great!
2.3 mi
22 min


Beginners Yoga day 1 :white_check_mark:
Been wanting to start yoga for awhile so it starts today :+1:


Stronglifts again, slightly better in the wrist. Only squats however.