Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Morning run
10.2 miles / 95 min
Started running at 5:30 and kept going until the sun came up. Longest run in over a decade. I’m ready for Ragnar!


Morning run
4.4 mi / 45 min
Coasting into race week for Ragnar Relay. Only one more training run left. Feeling ready!


Stronglifts day 62 :white_check_mark:
Starting the week off strong :muscle:


I’m here. In it.


Stronglifts, just squats, but it feels good to get something done regularly again.


Pull ups and side delt accessory work today. Quick session that is considered my β€œoff day”.


F3 Big Creek
11 PAX in the rain for a Dumpster led Q


Yoga Day 2 :white_check_mark:
Stretching out and feeling great. BTW it is more difficult than I anticipated. :hulksmash:


Morning Run
2.3 miles / 23 min
Only 2 days to Ragnar and I’m ready to go. After 4 months of training, I did my last training run today. Feeling great!


Stronglifts, and I finally managed to do my daily push-ups. I had to do them on my knuckles which was a little bit harder, but my wrist didn’t hurt from it.

@Jake_Sumner Way to go with the training! I’m rooting for you on Friday.


@bamse thanks!! Looking forward to a good race!

F3 Big Creek
9 PAX led by Swiper in a Cupid-themed Valentines Day beatdown.

Now I’m headed to the airport to catch a flight to Phoenix for the Ragnar Relay!


Yoga day 3 :white_check_mark:
@Jake_Sumner Good Luck ManπŸ‘


Thanks, @CryptoDad! Looking forward to a great race!


Stronglifts and push-ups done for the day.


Friday bitches.


Ragnar Relay Leg 1
8.7 miles / 77 min
Ragnar is off to a great start!


Ragnar Relay - Leg 2
4.2 miles / 35 min
Fun night run through the city. Feeling great!


Morning run, 4.6 km. I forgot to time it, but I think it took around 30 min. Longest run in 20 years. Felt like I could pass out at any moment when I was finished, haha.


Ragnar Relay - Leg 3
4.2 miles / 37 min
Last leg was the best! Early morning run to finish Ragnar!


Stronglifts day 63 :white_check_mark: ready to crush it this weekend now on the farm :muscle: