Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Breathing exercises and some yoga and push-ups to start the day.

@Jake_Sumner It looks like you had a lot of fun. Way to go, man.


Yoga day 4 :white_check_mark:
@Jake_Sumner great race day pictures. Looks like it was allot of fun. Good job man :muscle:


I am a scrawny rookie myself, but I can recommend Stronglifts 5x5 as a great starting program. It trains the whole body and focuses on building strength. Just make sure you start eating more as well if you want to steadily gain mass. I have gained 20 kg since the start of last year and had to buy new pants because my thighs did not fit in the old ones anymore. It’s an extremely easy program to follow, and it’s really fun as well since you immediately notice your progress and want to keep going heavier.


Morning hike - Telegraph Pass Trail
3.2 miles / 75 min
Incredible views of Phoenix at the top of South Mountain. Great trail and perfect weather today!

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got mine in! decent walk with the kiddos!


Stronglifts done for the day.


Getting it in. Cali style.


Stronglifts day 64 :white_check_mark:
Great way to get the week started. I got a gym membership today at a place on the way home from work and had a great midnight session. I’m going to try it for a month and see how it goes. So far so good :+1:


F3 Big Creek
9 PAX for a cool, rainy Deck of Death beatdown led by Whiz


Stronglifts 5x5
Haven’t touched any weights since November. Feels good to be back lifting again. Big deload after the break - time to build it up again!
Squat 135
Bench 105
Row 105


Stronglifts. Back on max with squats again, still waiting for my wrist to heal to get back to the other exercises.
Second Tough Viking training on Saturday, hope I can get through it with my injury, I’ll probably have to skip some parts to not make it worse at least.

@Jake_Sumner Great to see you get back to it straight away. Stronglifts is something I really miss when I’m not able to for whatever reason.


Thanks, @CryptoDad! The race was great - all the training really paid off and I had a lot of fun!


@bamse I’m really sore today - a little from running but mostly from squats! It still feels great to be back at Stronglifts again!


Mid week stretch today with yoga and 30 min on a stationary bike. :white_check_mark:


F3 Big Creek
4 PAX for another rainy beatdown led by The Hammer.


Tabata Legs done. I’d forgotten how tough it was.


Morning run
2.0 miles / 18 min
Quick 2-miler. First run since Ragnar. Feels good to be back on the road!


Yoga day and push-ups. Eager for tomorrow’s workout.


Stronglifts Day 65 :white_check_mark: Great workout today. Hit a new PR on deadlifts :hulksmash: Ready to work on the farm for the weekend we have allot to do this time of year. :rocket:


Second Tough Viking training done. Extremely tough just like last time, but so much fun.
I was a lot more careful with the ramp today to make sure I didn’t injure myself again, and I actually came higher up thanks to it. Finally got to try the rope, which was harder than I imagined, I couldn’t quite get the technique down but it was good to be able to see what it’s like before the race. Monkey bars are still very hard, just as the medicine balls. All in all a great workout.