Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



@bamse Wow! That training looks like a lot of fun. Good luck getting prepared - looks like you’re making great progress!


Getting back into Stronglifts and feeling good. Starting low and building back up.

Squats - 140

OH Press - 60

Deadlift - 140


Morning run
6.1 miles / 56 min
F3 Fireswamp run on Big Creek Greenway with Ha Ha. Little muddy but passable. Good run overall!


Stronglifts. First full workout since the injury. Didn’t feel any pain despite trying overhead press, so maybe I’m good to go again. Time to start building back up.


Stronglifts Day 66 :white_check_mark: Building back up and breaking through this last plateau finally. Hit a new pr today on bench press 5 x 5 . Squats are getting close hopefully within a couple weeks. I’ve had to deload twice this time but no injuries so its all good. :weight_lifting_man:


F3 Big Creek
6 PAX led by Swiper for a track circuit


Afternoon run. 2.4 km in under 12 minutes.


Building up slowly

Squat - 145

OH Press - 65

Deadlift- 150


Wednesday Yoga :white_check_mark: Grinding through the mid week stretch. :hulksmash:


Morning run
4.7 mi / 45 min
Cool morning, light rain, great run.


Friday interval run - 1 minute sprints x 5
2.1 miles / 21 min


I seem to have been afflicted by the same disease I had in November-December, it’s like the virus has been lying dormant since the end of December. I started coughing after my run on Tuesday and the day after all the symptoms came back. It’s pretty ironic that I’ve never been more sick or injured as when I started exercising to become healthier and stronger. Hopefully this won’t last another month, or I can probably give up the idea of Tough Viking. :sneezing_face::sob:


Stronglifts Day 67 :white_check_mark:
Got that new PR on Deadlifts so it is definatly time for a deload on them. I thinking about backing way off and adding a couple sets for a month and see how that feels. @bamse man I hate that you have relapsed hopefully it will pass quickly.


@bamse Hope you feel better soon!


Making progress

Squats 150

Bench 110

Row 110


Thanks a lot, guys! Yesterday was probably the worst I’ve ever felt, it was hard just standing up. Today felt 10 times better though, so hopefully this will pass soon.


Night run to officially finish February.
6.1 miles / 60 minutes

February totals:
25 total workouts
70 miles run total
Ragnar Relay complete!

Not a bad month. March is here and only one more month to end Q1 strong.


Stronglifts Day 68 :white_check_mark: The week has started off great. Its nice to see progress after hitting the wall for a while. @Jake_Sumner Thats an impressive month. :hulksmash:


@CryptoDad Thanks. It’s exciting to see progress and definitely keeps me pushing forward. My goal is 250 workouts this year and I’m well on my way.


F3 Big Creek
Whiz led 6 PAX for a cold winter workout

Getting to see the sunrise this week before the time changes is a nice bonus!