Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



15 min run this morning. The weather is amazing. :sunny:


Maintaining 150 on squats to work on form
OH Press - 70
Deadlift - 170


Had a 18 min morning run this morning. Then some yoga and bike at the Gym after work.:muscle:


F3 Big Creek
8 PAX survived the freeze and a beatdown led by Swiper. Solid start with 50 burpees.


20 min run this morning. Perfect weather.:sunny:


If you suffer from joint pain, here’s a good joint pain relief. I just handle a post leg day without this stuff.


Morning run
2.3 miles / 21 min
Friday morning interval training. 5 sets of 1 minute sprint / 2 min recover.


Stronglifts Day 69 :white_check_mark: Finished up the week strong :muscle:


Still working on squat form. Making progress on bench and row.
Squats - 150
Bench- 115
Row - 115


Short run to start the week. Feeling good!
2.5 mi / 23 min


Stronglifts Day 70 :white_check_mark:
Starting the week off right with a PR on bench. I’m deloading for sure starting Monday on that. Squats are getting better still room to move up for several weeks on those. I’m really enjoying the GYM so far it has been great :weight_lifting_man:


Them 4:30am gym sessions :crazy_face:


F3 Big Creek
Great morning at Big Creek. Tied the record with 11 PAX so we grabbed a pic!



Making progress

Squats - 155

OH Press - 75

Deadlift - 170


First real exercise in two week, finally. Stronglifts. Really really nice to finally be able to do something again. Deloaded slightly but it was still very heavy, it’s noticeable that I’ve not been training that much lately. Hopefully now I can properly prepare for Tough Viking. Just under two months to go.


Got the mid week session done. :white_check_mark: Tried something different tonight with allot of dumbell work.


F3 Big Creek
7 PAX for Badger’s VQ: Deck of Death.


Yoga day. Also did my breathing exercises and push-ups in the morning.


Stronglifts done for today. I’m still extremely sore from Wednesday which is understandable, but I managed without too much trouble. I’ll just have to get better at stretching afterwards so I can train more and harder.


Tabata Core and 100 push-ups done.