Daily Exercise Thread β€” πŸ’ͺ



Started P90X again last night after taking a couple years off LOL. If you follow me on instagram at michelletech you’ll see my goal figure. Time to get my shit together again.


Finished my 45 min yoga workout for the week. Noticed something for the first time today, I can easily touch the floor with my hands while standing straight, all five fingers. Don’t think I’ve been able to do that since high school. I’m focusing more on flexibility in my morning routine now after I noticed how hard it was to do a tripod headstand after hardly doing any stretches for a month.


F3 workout. Feeling good this morning!


3.5mi treadmill, some bball and shot a few work emails, naaace.


P90X plyometrics tonight.


Overhead press, squats, row, and dead lifts, as usual.



Another big day.


what about some training video ? I think a lot of people would like to see that


Today is my β€œrest” day. Just chasing my little one on the trail!


Snow day today off work. Shoulders & arms P90X.


i feel you strong :smirk:


Friday flat bench, pull ups , and sandbag squats, Time to roll!


Totally read β€œB - 90 - X” in my head :joy:




Walked up a hill. Saw stuff.


Finished off the week with Tabata Core.


Heavy weight lifting day. Getting it in the afternoon today!


Lets do some vacuum!!!


Haha! You know it! Feeling strong today!


It’s my day off today, so I just went for a quick run. Ready for next week.