Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



You can always start slow and just do the exercises at your own pace. The whole idea is to get your heart pumping and muscles working, so it doesn’t matter if you’re fit or not, go at it until you can’t anymore, then rest until the next exercise.


Always grinding.


U mirin my chest brah? :smirk:


Fixing to get it going, always love finishing Friday strong.


Trying to get beast mode like u!


@peter Thanks and i will try to get youre chest either wish me good luck i will need it.:grin:


yall are getting huge need to up my game


Ok so after seeing this Daily Exercise Thread for months now… You guys have convinced me its time to get back into the gym. Anyone have a recommendation for a good workout regiment or a good way to get started back? I pass 2 or 3 gyms on the way to and from work everyday. I just need to start walking in!!!


I think just consistently walking is a good way to start if you don’t already. 10k steps/5 miles per day


Set a time box that works with your schedule. My rule is a minimum or 20 min 3 times per week. Although more often than not it ends up around 45 min. Walking is a great way to start. I used to use work as an excuse, my daily average step count is 18000 to 21000 according to a fit bit that I used for 2 months. Regardless as to how many steps you do or do not take. Set a reachable goal and get after it. When you get it finished , Raise the Bar higher. :muscle:


Just woke up. Having coffee and toast, then going to hit some bench and shoulders for accessory work.


Tried Tabata Core #4 today, not as tough as some of the others, but still a good stomach workout.


Got that workout in this morning. Now just grinding the day away.


Walked to the grocery store but it was closed. Ah well haha


Yes, Peter they even have a lunk alarm. lol.
I remember seeing a post on the wall saying if you’re grunting, you better be in labor… lol


Peter you look like you just had an intense work out on that picture. Soaking…


Easy Sunday yoga today. Think I overdid it yesterday babysitting my nephew because I can’t walk properly now, haha.


Yoga day!


My off day from training. Will get in an hour walk later on. I have been in a fat loss phase for a few months. Aiming to get down to 200lbs while maintaining all of my strength. Slow and steady. :yin_yang:


its been 11 days already. I only missed 1 day. So far so good.
Now I am able to run for 50 minutes without any problem. I was not even tired after 50 mins of running.
Plus I am doing mini 4 days muscle training cycle to my morning routine.
day1. Push ups and dips (3 sets each of decline push ups, flat push ups, and dips)
day2. bodyweight sqauts, lunges. etc.
day3. Pull ups
day4. Long ass run with extra stretches.
I am doing everything outside. So doing all these exercises in playgrounds. So all the exercises are done with bodywieght.
it is ok to hit everymuscle in every 4 days when you are doing bodyweight exercises right? (most of them are 3sets only)