Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Just some cardio today, but got it done!


got mine in early. long day. needed it in.


Weight training. Increasing my reps again this week.


Bought one of those resistance bands recently, they help for pushing some extra reps!


Monday is done , and its Blueberry Season day 1, time to eat and get some sleep,:muscle:Tomorrow is going to be awesome


F3 workout!


Really pushed it doing Tabata Legs today. :triumph:


Made my personal best.
Had 50 lbs, did 4.7 miles, with mixed jogging and sprints this morning. Also joined a gym, so I will be lifting tomorrow.
PS. Been on a Keto diet from the 1st of this year, I have lost over 30 lbs without lifting. I am excited to see what the gym brings.


Lifting today, increased the reps again.


Had a great workout today. Getting those dips in Low :sunglasses:


Took a little longer than a 1 week break between P90X rounds, but back at it today after hitting the treadmill yesterday.


Had 5 hours sleep, woke up dead. What fixed it:
Did full body stretches
Ate just banana and 90% dark chocolate
Explosive energy after 30mins
Got work out in and also included accessory workout

Most energy I got more than having a coffee


F3 workout. Feeling good!


Off day from weights today. Went for a 30 min walk and now feeding the beast. Mmmm protonz :muscle:


Yoga day today.
It’s funny that even though I’ve been exercising 6-7 days a week for half a year now, I still have DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) every single day, as if I was taking breaks for a month at a time between workouts. My legs and butt still hurt from Tuesday’s leg workout. :sweat_smile:


P90X Plyometrics xxxxxxxx


Today I trained deadlifts and front squats. Hit a personal best on both and know I have more in me for the future.

When I train I focus all of the negative energy, people, or frustrations in life and put it all into my training. I have a lot of negative talk going on upstairs and honestly it’s all I have ever known to better myself. I use my anger to reaffirm my decision to make changes because staying the same is not a fucking option.


So when you need that extra bit, think of ICX in your blockfolio and you will get an extra hour at the gym :grin:


Weight training today, increased reps again and went for it until I couldn’t lift anything anymore.

I found a pretty cheap barbell for sale that comes with plates that go up to 60 kg in total, and it’s the same size as my dumbbells, so I could add an extra 22 kg with those. I don’t know how much the maximum weight it can hold is, but it weighs 6 kg without plates. I haven’t used a barbell in 18 years, so I have no grasp on what kind of weight would be suitable for me. Sadly the only area I have to work out on has wooden floor. Do you think it’s a good idea to invest in a barbell under these circumstances? I have no chance of putting up a rack for the barbell in here either.


I would get it . I work out under my shed in the dirt, and its hotter than a M@th&r F%c#&r at the local homestead this time of year. Arnold used to stack his barbells and plates in the storage compartment of his tank when he was in the army. So I say get creative :muscle: Speaking of which its time to go put in the work.:weight_lifting_man: