Daily Technical Analysis


IOTA Technical Analysis

The trading day has started with a favorable crypto market maintaining the percentage increase in most of the Altcoins. IOTA is one of the cryptos with which it has reported the highest percentage increase. With more than 11% the price of the crypto of the “Internet of things” manages to consolidate above a dollar after having had a bullish rally in the last 24 hours.


  • Profit taking at €1.64
  • A successful breakup of the EMA to 100 periods
  • The price is close to EMA 200 could break in the next few hours

IOTA / EUR is a slight correction after touching the € 1.64 which was a profit-taking zone, after making a positive rally from € 0.75 breaking the Fibonacci retracement level of 38.20%. The price of the IOTA is having a pullback which can touch the support at 23.60 Fibonacci to then bounce above the trend line and start a bullish rally at € 2.50.

At this point, it is important to bear in mind that the IOTA / EUR pair continues under a retracement which is normal when a price reaches its maximum for traders to make a profit. The 1-day candle confirms that the price is rebounding at the Fibonacci retracement level of 23.30%, maintaining a robust upward trend.

IOTA is an Altcoin considered one of the most valuable projects. Its Internet of Things proposal has attracted high-level investors such as Bosch Venture, allowing an important injection of capital. It is essential to see beyond the price when investing; you must also take into account the reason for the project which is highly important.

Technical indicators

  • RSI continues above 60%
  • EMA in periods of 100 and 200
  • The maximum point of resistance € 1.70
  • Support point € 0.98

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Stellar Technical analysis

The trading day has started, and the crypto market reports a general pullback, which is normal after an increase like the one we saw last Monday, BTC price has decreased and with it the Altcoins market too. That’s why today we bring Stellar (XLM) for analysis as it is touching an interesting buying point.


  • Lumens from Stellar struggle to reach € 0.86 again
  • The pair is coming out of a strong bearish movement
  • The pair XLM / EUR finds an important support in the 38.20% of Fibonacci

Stellar Lumens struggle to recover from a bearish reversal which dragged the price up to support level of € 0.17. The pair XLM / EUR finds support in the Fibonacci of 38.20% an important psychological point.

In 4 hours chart we see how the price in the pair XLM / EUR was forming a rounded figure in the price almost forming a cup, while the RSI is touching 50% which is an important level for decision making, for what the rebound in the 38.20% Fibonacci can lead us to look for a resistance at € 0.19 cents.

At this time the most advisable if you come from € 0.19 is to hold and create a sell order once the price confirms a bullish trend. If you don’t have Stellar, the € 0.17 could be interesting point for an eventual invest.

Although Stellar is one of the favorite Altcoins, it still has a long way to go before it reaches the € 0.86 it managed to reach by the end of 2017. It is currently in an interesting buying point mainly for Hold.

Technical indicators

  • RSI touching 50%
  • EMA 30, SMMA 30 at closing
  • EMA 200 still far from the price
  • Main support level € 0.17
  • Higher resistance level € 0.19

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Technical analysis NEO/EUR
After an extensive bullish movement, NEO price reports a decline of 8.72% today Friday. The cryptocurrency announced the decentralization of its nodes creating a consensus by adding its first independent node. NEO / EUR pair managed to touch € 41 to act as a profit taking point; then the pair started a bearish rally bringing the price below € 32 looking for support at the Fibonacci retracement level of 38.20%.


  • The price was oversold and starts a bearish correction
  • NEO starts its decentralization, and this triggers the price
  • The price hit its maximum and begins a retracement with a possible floor at 38.20 Fibonacci

NEO is one of the cryptocurrencies that, in recent months has shown to be the focus of attention by the Chinese community. The pair NEO / EUR remained lateralized; however the process of decentralization and implementation of independent nodes through the consensus provided a clear signal of a momentary increase in price.

As expected, once the NEO price reaches its maximum, this becomes a strong resistance and initiates a bearish correction, reaching up to 38.20% of Fibonacci and acting as possible price support at €32.

Taking into account the movement that has followed the NEO in recent days, it is best to expect the price to find support so that you can have a clearer picture of the direction that the price will follow after the news of its decentralization.

It is not advisable to enter to invest when the currency is at a point of profit taking or when it is correcting to the downside (unless you have experience in short trading) as they are high-risk operations.

Technical indicators

  • Main resistance €37
  • Higher price support €32
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index) touching 50%
  • EMA (Exponential Mobile Measure) 200 periods

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Technical analysis BTC/EUR
The crypto market continues with positive numbers, Bitcoin price rises above € 5,700. BTC has reported a slight decline of 0.84% ​​in the last 24 hours; the value could jump above € 7000 to continue the current trend. BTC / EUR pair continues bouncing above the Fibonacci level of 28.60% looking for a possible target at € 5,900; Bitcoin is strong against its euro pair, due to positive fundamentals among these, the recognition of the exchanges of cryptocurrencies as regulated banks by the government of South Korea.


  • Strong Bitcoin against the euro, due to fundamental
  • BTC continues under the bearish trend (EMA 200 Line)
  • The BTC / EUR pair is bouncing above 23.60% Fibonacci

The pair BTC / EUR was very sideways during the day on Sunday, after the Bitcoin reported a big bullish candle last Friday 7. Bitcoin raised its value from € 5,600 to more than € 5,800 to then maintain the value in € 5,730.

Bitcoin price stagnated in a trend line that failed to break € 5,900 successfully. The price is bouncing back at the Fibonacci retracement level of 23.60% since its latest bearish wave of € 5,067. The RSI is touching 60% while the volume does not report more growth in the last hours.

Based on the news of the last hours and the crossing of simple and exponential trend lines, we can expect a day with a high probability of being bullish during this week. Bitcoin could be trading above € 6,000.

For those who already have Bitcoin, it would be interesting to wait for the price to decide a trend, at this time the price remains lateralized so selling can represent losses although this will depend on each investor.

Technical indicators

  • Main price support € 5,655
  • Higher price resistance € 5,900
  • RSI touching 60% on a 4-hour chart
  • The price of the BTC touching the trend line of 200 orders (EMA)

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Technical analysis BCH/EUR

We move towards the middle of the week, and the price of the crypto market continues under a strong downward correction. While the Bitcoin is on a pullback will continue to moving down the price of the other Altcoins. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the biggest losers in terms of value. BCH / EUR pair reports a downward trend; the BCH has not managed to exit the downstream channel, positioning the price at € 585. The price is below the Fibonacci retracement of 28.60% while the RSI is at 30%.


  • The BCH / EUR pair is in a bearish channel
  • The BCH can look for a double floor at € 560
  • If we see the volume, it is relatively low at this time

The pair BCH / EUR seems to intend to go looking for support at € 560, at this time the sellers are leading the session, the price has not tried to break the bearish trend, so everything points to a further decline.

BCH has lost almost all the momentum gained on July 29 against the US dollar. The price doesn’t report an encouraging trend in the short term, although this may change from having some fundamental that attracts more buyers although it is complicated at this time.

So far BCH / EUR pair remains far from exceeding the 200-period trend line, which makes it difficult to pull out a short-term trend change. Bitcoin Cash is strongly hit every time the Bitcoin makes a bearish retreat; the cryptocurrency tends to lose percentage value quickly.

At this time it is best to wait for the price to find support for confirmation after entering the sale since selling at this point means losses and one more if you buy above € 600.

Technical indicators

  • RSI below 30%
  • Main support level € 560
  • Maximum resistance level € 595
  • EMA 200 periods marking a downward trend for the BCH

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Technical analysis LSK/BTC

We’re moving towards the weekend, and the crypto market has reported a slight recovery, Bitcoin seems to have halted its fall in € 5,368.46, which helps the Altcoins market. Lisk (LSK) reports a slight setback of 1.57% against the BTC holding the price at 0.00078797 satoshis (€ 4.19).

The pair LSK / BTC is in a bearish channel which is bouncing at 0.0007769 satoshis (€ 4.16); however, we can see that the volume in the transactions continues very low, so a false break is a highly probable option.


  • Lisk is in a bearish channel
  • The price is below 23.60 Fibo
  • There is a low volume of buyers in the LISK / BTC pair

LSK / BTC pair continues its downward trend which is evident since the beginning of the week; the price has tried to start a bullish correction however the sellers have taken over the session by sending the annual minimum price.

LSK / BTC seems to be bouncing off the 0.0007769 satoshis (€ 4.16); however the price is below the Fibonacci retracement level of 23.60% which creates an environment of uncertainty in the buyers, this can be validated by looking at the volume of the market which brings a downward trend.

On the other hand, the RSI is below 50%, which is a psychological investment point. Lisk needs to break above 23.60%, i.e., 0.0008042 satoshis (€ 4.30) to analyze a possible entry. Also, the MA / EMA trend line should have a bullish cross, in this way having a reliable panorama that allows us to enter on a buy.

Technical indicators

  • RSI marked 40%
  • Bearish trend lines in the LSK / BTC pair
  • Main support 0.0007704 satoshis (€ 4.12)
  • Major resistance 0.0008045 satoshis (€ 4.30)
  • EMA / MA 30 periods without trend crossing yet

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BTC Technical Analysis

Monday has started, and the Bitcoin price reports a slight increase of 1.38% raising the price above € 5400. News of the Bitcoin ETF’s for August 10 is something that is beginning to move the market even though there is not enough information on what the SEC’s decision will be.

BTC / EUR pair is in the 38.20% Fibonacci (€ 5435.20) the price has been lateralized at this point which works as a support, while Bitcoin accumulates strength to go to look for a possible resistance at the level 50% Fibo in the €5500.


  • Bitcoin ETFs create high speculation
  • Bitcoin continues under a main bearish trend
  • The BTC / EUR pair is lateralized at 38.20% Fibo

BTC / EUR continue under a downward trend; if we see the graph in addition to being below the EMA200 trend line, the price does not manage to create a price crossing between the EMA/MA of 30 periods. This positions us under a tendency dominated by sellers. Bitcoin bounced earlier in the Fibonacci retracement of 23.60% (€ 5351.53) to then start a slight bullish rally to 38.20% (€ 5435.20) where it has failed to retake the bullish holding.

BTC / EUR pair is with a low volume of buyers, so we will have a trading day with high sales influence unless some news brings a positive market sentiment that allows buyers to take over the session. If we have Bitcoin support would be ideal, keep in mind that the fundamental of ETFs can shoot the price considerably to buy BTC, it would be interesting to expect the price to go back at least up to € 5400.

Technical indicators

  • Main price support € 5500
  • Main price resistance € 5400
  • EMA 200 periods indicates a bearish trend
  • There is no upward crossing in EMA / MA 30 minutes

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IOTA Technical Analysis

Tuesday trading is on progress, and the crypto market remains under buying influence, part of this trend is due to the news that BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world, announced its interest in investing in cryptocurrencies. IOTA has benefited from this bullish rally in the short term; the price rose 7.39% which positions the IOT above € 0.93

MIOTA / EURO pair is forming support at the level of 23.60% of Fibonacci (0.9195) after walking an upward path from € 0.80 to encourage buyers, IOTA like all Altcoins still depends mostly on the advance of Bitcoin, so it could further increase the approval of Bitcoin ETFs.


  • IOTA is at a good point of purchase for hold
  • Bitcoin ETFs are a key point for a bullish day
  • The MIOTA / EUR pair is bouncing on the 23.60 Fibonacci

If we analyze the price of the IOTA compared to the ambitions of the project, we note that the value is at an accessible price. IOTA below € 1 is considered a cheap price. For those who make hold this can be a good point to buy and save. Then they can consider selling around August 10th.

As soon as trading the pair MIOTA / EUR are making a slight setback after a bullish day. The 23.60% retracement level of Fibonacci is acting as the main support. The price was overbought; we can validate this by looking at the RSI which touched 76%.

At this time the best choice is, wait for traders to decide if it will break down the 23.60% Fibonacci otherwise we have an interesting buy point to buy at € 0.91 and go to take profit at € 1.

Technical indicators

  • RSI over 60%
  • Main price support € 0.90
  • Greater price resistance € 1
  • EMA 200 observations indicate that the pair is under a bearish trend

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ETH/EUR Technical Analysis

Today Ethereum price rises above € 433, after a bullish rally led by Bitcoin. Ethereum breaks above the EMA trend line of 200 observations.

The Ether is gaining ground against the euro; we see how it has increased more than 6% in the last hours; however we could expect a market correction today as the price is oversold at this time, if we see the RSI this is located above 78%.


  • MA / MA line crossing 30 periods on the rise
  • We expect a possible correction during the day
  • The ETH / EUR pair breaks the EMA 200 trend line

ETH / EUR pair managed to move positively during the day today; there was a crossing of EMA / MA trend lines of 30 observations just above the Fibonacci retracement of 78.60% (385.15) this gives a short bullish signal term so that buyers can take action on the price.

Then we see how the price breaks strongly towards € 443 where it has managed to settle above the 23.60% Fibonacci which can act as the main price support. Ethereum is in overbought at this time, so a correction is highly probable in the next few hours. That’s the reason why buyers avoid this point where price is overbought.

At this moment, the healthiest is to wait for a correction in the 23.60% of Fibonacci, touching € 424.30, since the price will have a possible resistance at € 440. At this time, if you have Ethereum, it is best to hold (in case you have not taken profits) otherwise, you should wait for the pullback.

Technical indicators

  • RSI 4 hours oversold
  • Main price support € 424
  • Major Price resistance € 440
  • Crossed EMA / MA lines 30 observations
  • EMA (Exponential Mobile Average) 200 observations

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VEN/BTC Technical Analysis 19.07.2018

While the crypto market experiences a correction after a bullish rally, the price of VeChain continues under a trend dominated by bears, creating an environment of uncertainty and therefore increasing the volume of sales of VEN.

Analyzing the pair VEN / BTC we see how the bearish channel marks a path dominated by sellers, the price has not tried to recover its course in recent days and falls to 0.00026017 BTC (€ 1.62) below the Fibonacci retracement of 23.60 %.


  • VEN is in a bearish channel
  • VeChain is oversold the RS touches 16%
  • EMA / MA grows 30 observations downwards very strong

The day progresses, and the pair VEN / BTC continues under a strong bearish channel, the price has managed to break down the Fibonacci retracement point of 23.60% bringing the price to touch the BTC 0.00026017 (€ 1.62) in a session dominated by the bearish

Now that the price of VeChain is in an oversold area we could expect a rebound in the 0.00022910 BTC (€ 1.45) since it is an exciting point of purchase taking into account the great loss that the pair has had against the euro in recent years. Keep in mind that VeChain has made similar moves in the past, so consider VEN as an Altcoin with ease of recovery once the price starts a bullish rally.

The bearish movement experienced by VeChain at this time has been the strongest during 2018, so the purchase price has also been the most accessible since April 1 when the price fell to 0.00034663 (€ 2.19).

Technical indicators

  • EMA / MA 30 observations
  • RSI touching 16% in oversold
  • Main support level 0.00022910 BTC (€ 1.45)
  • Higher resistance level 0.00031931 BTC (€ 2.02)
  • EMA (Exponential Mobile Measurement) 200 observations

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