Dapp wallet is secure, safeguarded and easy for users

In our modern age, with the advance of industry 4.0, everyone can possess at least an online wallet for their own. Particularly, for those who invest in cryptocurrency market, the interaction between them and online wallet is inevitably on a regular basis. Depending on the purpose of usage is investment or storing, many people save for themselves a huge number of properties in online wallet.

Prior to set up Empow Wallet, we conducted a survey related to those who invest in cryptocurrency market. In addition to some criteria: fast, convenient, low cost,….100% participants show that the only thing they’re most concerned about when choosing an online wallet is: secure or insecure?

User shared: “All of my money is stored in the wallet, and I’m worried that the Internet environment involves a potential risk of being hacked, scammed,….One day, a hacker came to me and then my properties were all gone. Hence, my top priority when choosing an online wallet is the security and the possibility of complete confidentiality. ”

According to the feedbacks and suggestions of many users, we have established Empow Wallet with the most fundamental principle — security to tackle effectively all the problems about security.

Empow Wallet encodes all of users’ properties by Blockchain technology, eliminate entirely the possibility of being hacked. The private key is only stored in your device and will never be sent to outside. The backed up phrase with 12 characters created randomly will help you to restore your access privilege to your wallet at any time.

With Empow Wallet, only the owner can take control over his or her wallet

We introduce a number of regulations when setting up Empow Wallet and always comply strictly:

  • We cannot get access to the user’s wallet.

  • We never demand any personal information about the user.

  • We conform fully with every security standard to protect the safety of the user’s wallet.

  • User has complete control of personal properties without our intervention.

  • We always listen to user’s opinions in order to bring them the best service ever that meets all of their needs.

With a view to protecting the greater safety of the user’s wallet, we suggest several notes for you apart from Empow Wallet’s security service:

  • Create a strong password for your wallet that will never be used on any websites or other online services.

  • Not storing Private Key in a simple form.

  • Remember: The only one possessing Private Key is you.

  • Not installing any unconfirmed applications.

Please join us at: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/empow-wallet/nlgnepoeokdfodgjkjiblkadkjbdfmgd

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