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Just wondering what your thoughts are on Datablockchain?. The team look experienced but does it seem a bit too good to be true with a 4.9 rating on ICO bench, Some of their advisors often review other ICO’s on ICO Bench?. I like the idea of Big Data and AI etc. and know DYOR but I just wonder how you think it looks ?

I recently heard Crypto Lark say that he declined to do an ICO review because some of the advisors were rating the project behind the scense on some of these review sites.


ICO Bench ratings are suspicious.
Here is a recent review about ICOBench and how the site has been caught with multiple abuses.

Beware of ICO Bench!

Better to stay far away from their website.


:point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: YES. They are the worst.


Thanks guys, interesting review and sounds shady for sure.

I thought it it bit of a give away that Bezant wasn’t even reviewed once. No handy BZNT being dished out i guess. I invested in Pikciochain as well that i thought a good project / team etc. and it didn’t have a high score.

Do you have a preferred ICO site to try to become aware of upcoing good ICO’s ?

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A few ICO websites were mentioned in this thread here: Top 3 ICO Listing sites

However, if you are more interested at a website which does due dilligence work I suggest to take a look at, they dont list every single active ICO and they do not provide ICO ratings, but their main focus is doing “due dilligence” work and stressing the people behind the ICO to provide information.

A recent example for their website is “Quarkchain”, which is a highly anticipated and rated ICO by everyone (?), but only ticks one green check box on the website as Quarkchain team failed to provide information and answer to investors questions.

QuarkChain - Due diligence

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