Day five using Jade bot! Results, AMA and outlook for the crypto market


As many of you know, I have close relations with the team. Helping them with promoting, beta testing and other ways to grow in the crypto industry.

In the beta testing, I was focused on both tweaking the bots, testing the algo’s and the platform.

Beautiful UI, design and utility will cause a FOMO effect for Dropil.

Since Binance was hacked, we were forced to redo our API’s a few times, but that gave us an opportunity to tweak our bots for the best results in the current market conditions.

Currently, I am seeing a 1.25% daily return average, since executing the bot successfully for the past five days.

For those interesting in signing up, please do so with my link, or not…

I encourage everyone to ask questions or join the Dropil community!

Let’s make those gains!


Can you please share your settings - like price buffer percentage, advanced settings etc. Trying to setup my first bot…thanks :slight_smile:


basePair: ‘BTC’,
name: ‘BTC, Moderate (Custom)’,
autoReinvest: true,
basic: {
strategy: ‘Standard’,
mode: ‘Moderate’,
priceBuffer: 3.00,
singleMulti: ‘Multi’,
longShort: ‘Long’,
advanced: {
enabled: true,
minVolume: 200.0000,
targetProfit: 1.45,
maxPositions: 10,
trailingStop: 0.25,
useWhitelist: false,
stopLoss: 17.50,
maxAverageDownOrders: 4,
averageDownThreshold: 3.00,
averageDownMultiplier: 1.70

I’m only blacklisting CELR, FET and BTT, for now!

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Day 10 Updates! Jade has been crushing it for me.

I finally was able to setup four bots, one for each trading pair on Binance: BTC, USDT, ETH and BNB

Look at some of these performances!

I love charts!

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Jade bot killing it!

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