Day Trading Google Sheet

Sup y’all!

Would anyone happen to have a great Day Trade Google Sheet that uses Bittrex API’s and would be willing to share? :blush:

I really like the look of the below, but I have no idea where can get it. :confused: If not I’ll get my head down figure it out and create my own. :thinking:

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! :+1:t4::+1:t4::sunglasses:



That guy charges for his. I’m sure something could be made.


That could be replicated with relative ease…
I might take it on after a few other things, and of course, it would be free…


@Carlton If you have an initial start of this…send me a message and share it with me and I’m sure I can help with the more complex areas


Thanks guys!!
I’m new to this so please excuse the amateurish attempt
I’ll make a start later today and get something to you.

Thanks again for the help.


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I know, I was annoyed when I found out. Their website et al is gone and the youtube link was published in 2014…:confused:.

But then the PUB sprang to mind!! :sunglasses:


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I have a very simple sheet i made for my use. Is not great because i did not make it for sharing, but maybe it can help you in some way.

You can only edit the parts in gray or white. Don´t use the blue/yellow etc cells, they will be automatic.

  • Ignore the first sheet (named Trades Brazil). I´ve made that for me to calculate how much i lose when i buy in BRL and converto to BTC and then send to exchange, because i live in Brazil.

  • Use the trades sheet. Mine is on Bittrex, but you can change to whatever exchange you want.

  • The porfolio Sheet has the instructions on how to use it. The code on portfolio sheet is not mine, i got it from a guy on steemit, ill find his name and link it here.

  • You have to autorize the code (you can check the code yourself, its safe) and you have to get the add on cryptofinance add on menu. Too add automated prices from your favourite exchange, on trades tab, go to the last row with the price the coin you traded and put =CRYPTOFINANCE(“EXCHANGEOFCHOICE:COINOFCHOICE/BTC”)

  • to save the sheet, go to file -> make copy.

If you need help using it just let me know. You can ignore the BRL conversions, because im brazilian. Or you can change it for EUROS or whatever coin you like.

Sorry about my bad english.


NICE!! Thanks @CryptoDan.

Will check this out later tonight when I get home.

This Pub is THA SHIT!! :sunglasses::+1:t4:


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Amazing man!

I also live in Brazil ( São Paulo ) and lost very good hours trying to make something like that but had gone nowhere. You already made it for us!

Thank you,


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