DCA smart spreadsheet for BTC,ETC,IOTA,ADA,OMG,NEO


HI guys,

I was meant to study but couldn’t be bothered so I made a smart spreadsheet using apples numbers to track investments for BTC,ETC,IOTA,ADA,OMG,NEO.

you manually enter the price you bought it at, the amount in US$ and what you received in the particular crypto.
it automatically fetches the current price of BTC,ETC,IOTA,ADA,OMG,NEO and uses it to calculate the prices

the sheet will calculate for each of the above-mentioned cryptos:

total investment in USD
total holding of each cryptocurrency
the current value of your holdings in BTC,ETC,IOTA,ADA,OMG,NEO
the profit you made with each BTC,ETC,IOTA,ADA,OMG,NEO in USD and %
and the average price you bought for.

At the bottom, I made 2 pie charts one displaying the split of your holdings and one the profit split of your portfolio.

you can use this spreadsheet on your Mac computers, iPads and iPhones

send me some love if you appreciate it and I might manage to pay off my student loan.

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