December 5th, 2018 - ROLL CALL! - Temptation




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No matter who you are, you most likely face temptation.

You may be tempted to something you shouldn’t, or do something that may be beneficial.

Thinking before you act on your temptations is where you should want to start. You don’t want unnecessary hurdles stopping you.

Is there an amazing opportunity that seems tempting to you? It may be time to follow your gut than back out, so think twice.



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Newbie here, posted this on the Welcome thread:

The name is Brian, I work as a grocery clerk, study History at FAU, and write for fun (mainly about cryptocurrencies) @

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

First crypto I bought was Ethereum, to invest in an ICO actually, (shout out to Decentralized ID)

Main moon goal is to make some substantial gains on the coin I am currently staking on a raspberry pi (shout out to Navcoin)

I am quite excited about cryptocurrency applications for civic processes (voting, applying for taxes, verifying ID, government allocation of funds). I believe the decentralized nature of crypto has the possibility of streamlining the way government works, and also can allow people to be represented in a more direct way.

The decentralized and open source nature of crypto and its community are what excites me. It’s not only great to be part of a nascent technological revolution, but it’s also awesome that the community is generous, open, and willing to help. Hope to connect to more like minded people who embrace the ethos of decentralization and transparency.

Heard about The Pub from Peter on DCTV. I tune in almost every day. Dose of the Doge is excellent, lol

excited to connect w/ everyone. I read all of the 10 Days of Bitcoin, a couple of days ago, and I’ll probably be moving on to B90x, lol, cheers everyone