Decentralized TV - title and cover photo of videos ... past and present snapshot


Hi guys,

Lately I just had a “wondering” moment while taking a look at the Decentralized TV channel.
I decided to share this with you.
And (as Peter says) let me know what you think. I’m curious.

Thanks in advance




things have changed, haven’t they…


nice adrian…thanks for sharing!


guys, I was trying to suggest an improvement, but I wanted to see some specific thoughts from others before giving them myself

WARNING: I give a user’s opinion and perspective here, since I’m not a Youtuber. I might be biased because I like to watch videos at my own pace and I usually watch them now and then

so, here I go:
I like the past layout, really. It’s simple and consistent in representation. A text summarizing the content and a face. I just like simplicity.
The present layout looks like a bazaar to me, it’s too bloated with all kind of info and graphics. It’s just seems confusing to pick one to watch.

Now, it’s true, you may have other intentions for the channel (i would guess going towards a TV-like channel, streaming all kind of episodes of stuff)


@Adrian_G - TBH, we haven’t really sat down in a long while and thought about the core purpose of DCTV and where it needs to go.

Right now it’s a place for experiments, for our DCTV Correspondents and our community to gather in a single place. <— How much this is cool… it does detract from FOCUS.

I’ve asked the DCTV Correspondents before on multiple occasions around what the future of DCTV should look like. Many of us are just too busy to take the time to consider it…


I thin @Adrian_G is on to something here that is more basic than the future of DCTV.

I agree with him in his analysis that it looks like a mish mosh of people. In reality it is.

What I think would help is if all the corrospondents settled on a thumbnail template. This gives brand and consistency to the channel. It doesn’t even need to be like it was when it was just @peter. It just needs to be consistent. In theory this doesn’t need to coincide where the content of DCTV is heading.

In theory you could have a different thumbnail template for different topics that gives users quick reference. Say have a mining pick in the thumbnail for mining video’s or stock chart background for market type data and something else for general news.

Each of the corespondents all seem to fit in one of those three topics allowing for three different thumbnails and personalities but keeping a consistent brand.

Thank you @Adrian_G


This is also all true.
We’ve considered it. I don’t mind making templates for people to use if they’d like and we can settle in on the right ones.

Up to the group. I’ll chat with them on YEN DM!


I like this idea!
very interesting!!!


For a period of time, we had a much more uniform style. Then the thought was we should experiment more, find our own grooves and voices. Which has been valuable, but perhaps at the expense of brand identity. This is definitely worth a revisit for what we think DCTV should look like in the future! It’s rare that we get good feedback like this to be completely honest.


amazing replies
thanks for sharing


by the way, a follow up on this topic

in the beginning of this year I went through an online training program than touched also on some digital marketing concepts

one principle I’ve learned is “Position NARROW, reach WIDE.”
here’s the youtube video explaining it:


Well it turns out the experiment was successful due to the fact you got constructive feedback and data.