Decentralized.TV Youtube Channel - By the Numbers


I thought of writing this post because I think it’s important to remind ourselves of what we’ve been able to accomplish.

Decentralized.TV YouTube Channel was created on November 13, 2017, by the time of writing this post:

  • 423 days have passed
  • We’ve produced 2653 videos!


  • An average of 6.2 videos PER DAY!

  • 79K subscribers!

  • We’ve made damn near close to zero revenue!

  • (You might say, well, it says you’ve made $13K over the last year!) - No… that’s just youtube monetizing videos for OTHER advertisers. We decided to go FULL ad-free November of 2018)

  • Best part? The a great DCTV team!


Please don’t forget, BiteSizeBitcoin YouTube channel had over 1800 videos that are all now completely gone (except 47 videos) and 30K subs… that censorship tho (read all about it here)

With articles talking about how adoption isn’t happening as fast as the world would like it and the doldrums of a crypto bear market… it’s good to be reminded of a couple of things that only operators of projects can really understand:

  • It always takes longer than you think to build anything great
  • You will have events that could send your company into a death spiral (like getting hundreds of hours of work deleted, censored, banned)
  • You will encounter daily resistance from the market, from people, and yourself

I haven’t had a break or vacation since jumping into building crypto apps since late 2016. Things are gearing up for our little project in 2019… I can’t wait for all of you to taste our wares.

To the moon!



Well peter, since finding your Chanel and going through the b90x program I can 100% say I am a better person for it.

Thanks man :+1:t3:


yo is it the half of Justin Moon’s head in this picture ?? :rofl::rofl:


Maybe we are showing something that’s coming up next week from @heavilyarmedclown


When I arrived to DCTV channel, I was really impressed by the number of videos you are able to spit per day. Amazing consistency!

As for how much longer it takes to build stuff, I can say from personal experience given some past projects I did on my own (not related to crypto, but relevant anyway):

  • project similar to what I’ve already done in the past

    • I underestimate time & cost/effort … 2X
  • project in completely new territory

    • I underestimate time & cost/effort … 5X

So, these two situations above applies to me. I don’t know why this seems to happen consistently in my case. I guess it’s part of my personality.

Does anyone relate to this ?


It’s because emergent unknowns pop up that you have to deal with. Daily.


@Adrian_G love your perspective on this. on the money.

building something new requires so much time… so much more than you think.


From the video. Jack!


Making something of himself. Epic.


There is something… … … peaceful about that picture.


Jack’s Divas! And yes customer is always rite and ever play roulette? Always bet on black!


@peter,@heavilyarmedclown hahaaaa i knew it, that front head i see everyday on twitter hahahahah !!! sorry for the spoil, but amazing interview @heavilyarmedclown !!! much appreciated !!


This is it. This is why I CAN.

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