DEFCON 27 the aftermath

Just returned from DEFCON 27!

What an amazing space full of 30000 plus hackers,crackers,spooks,legislators,LE,etc.

Went to the Monero Village,AI Village,Car Hacking,Crypto and Privacy,Mobile app malware,Voting Machine Hacking,etc. etc.

It was worth the cost of admission and then some. One of the many cool things I came across was the following blockhain based game,have my 12 year old beta testing it out right this moment.

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Dang. That’s pretty dope. Thanks for the drop!

Moved to Events :slight_smile:

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Some of the stuff was spine chilling that could be done to cars and planes (and the voting machines),guys would teach you how you could hack into something,then after the session you go to get their name and the reply is “I don’t have a name”

Two FBI surveillance vehicles were detected as well as German Federal Police,Russian FSB,and a few other fun loving agencies

I was standing next to Rachel Tobac as she was being educated on the voting machine vulnerabilities (during the media,photo blackout session of course)

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