Dentist is willing to accept Bitcoin for payment

Redditor @Austinwolfman posted a picture that showed his dentist was willing to accept Bitcoin for payment and would give a 20% discount on all services to those that paid with the coin.

Deurstopper responded to the post by asking, " What about Dentacoin?," which was a real thing. Biba8163 then stated, โ€œ4 out of 5 dentists recommend you pay with Dentacoin. This must be the straggler that accepts Bitcoin.โ€ :joy:

Dentacoin is famously known for going from a $20 million market cap in December 2017 to a $2 billion market one month later in January 2018. Dentacoin did not have much if any, public adoption among dentists at the time.
From The Forums : Dentist Accepts BTC


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