DEUTSCHE BANK WARNS: 'The dollar is in trouble'


The dollar hit a new low Friday against other currency, trading at the 91.011 mark. North Korea and political unrest in Washington D.C. are among reasons analysts said the dollar remains weak. The euro on Friday hit its highest level against the dollar since 2015. Since January, the dollar has lost about 11 percent of its value. Deutsche Bank strategist George Saravelos said part of the issue is because “Americans are hugely underweight in their investment allocations to the rest of the world.” Saravelos said Americans have “liquidated close to the entirety of their foreign fixed-income portfolio and are likely in the process of reallocating back to the rest of the world.”

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Blaming the North Korean issue (which wouldnt even be the issue it is had the pentagon scum developed the ability to mind their own business) and political unrest in Washington for the continued demise of the value of the US dollar completely ignores the elephant in the room. Five years ago ~78% of the world utilised the US dollar as the global currency of exchange, its now believed to be under 40% today. People are waking up to this toilet paper with ink.

Why is China and more recently Saudi Arabia on a huge spending spree, buying western infrastructure such as ports, railways, oil processing facilities, residential properties, businesses, farming land, armaments from Australia to Europe to Canada, the US etc etc? They are off-loading their billions of dollars worth of US backed treasury bonds before the US dollar loses more of its value. The reason Japans economy has been stagnating for over 15 years is because of their decision to heavily align themselves to the US dollar.

Deutsche Bank have little to talk about, theyre teetering on the edge of collapse themselves, who are in a much more financially precarious situation than they were pre 2008, proving that none of these globalist scumbags have learned anything even though they had all promised banking reform less than one year after the 2008 GFC.


deutchebank isn’t doing too good either, lol. this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.


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