Development Update #1 - Sept. 2017

Major development updates during the month of September.

Development updates will be released at the end of each month to summarize key highlights of the work completed by the 0x core team. They will cover the 0x.js Javascript library, wiki (which contains tutorials and strategies relayers might find useful), 0x standard relayer API and Portal updates.

Changes to 0x.js

  • Return upon transaction broadcast instead of when mined.
  • Added validation methods to public API.
  • Support Web3 1.X providers.
  • Ability to set unlimited allowance (gas efficiency).
  • Additional tokenRegistry methods.

Release of the 0x Standard Relayer API Draft

In order to make it easier for anyone to source liquidity that conforms to the 0x order format, relayers can opt-in to implementing a set of standard relayer API endpoints. In doing so, they allow any client that has built an API integration that conforms to the standard relayer API to access the orders on their orderbook. This is a work in progress and we refer to the initial release as the standard relayer API v0.

Creation of the 0x Wiki

  • Documents for Relayers :
    1. Setup an Infura Node.
    2. Setup a TestRPC Instance.
    3. Web3 Explained.
    4. Relayer Strategies.

Changes in Portal (OTC)

  • Ability to send ERC20 tokens.
  • Trading custom token with warnings.
  • Token tracking.


To get a higher-level overview of the direction in which 0x development is headed, please read the 0x Development Roadmap Medium post. Our current focus is on facilitating the process of starting relayers, both by creating and improving the tools available and by offering our help and guidance to the teams building them. It is therefore important that every potential relayer contact us as soon as possible to make sure we can help them avoid common pitfalls and make sure they have all the tools and support they need to succeed.

0x Development Roadmap


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