Did you buy and HODL in the crash of 2008?

During the crash of 08’ I just bought MORE. Apple,Ford,Amazon,WAMU/JPM, just to name a few. I said how are these legitimate companies who have huge market caps and mainstream support going to go out of business. “don’t think they will”, 5 yrs later the market came back roaring and today is the future. So when I see red that is discounted more than 40% from ath’s I just BUY and HODL that shit!
“HODL” should of been the term used in 2008!!


Better sell those stocks before the rest of the bear market kicks off on Monday or you’ll be “hodling” a nice loss for a nice year… haha I am so surprised how cozy people are expecting this to just be a small correction, even though the DOW had the biggest point drop EVER. To me, that was a nice indicator to take profits and run

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Nice. I’ve done some analysis on the stocks I own and I still like the fundamentals and risk/reward ratio. May add to my positions BABA, FB, AMZN, TCEHY, CVS.

Not so sure about crypto lol.

“buy when others are fearful, sell when others are greedy” -Warren Buffett

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I was around 24 then, and had never seen anything like that. I hodled.
But I did stop investing, that was one of my biggest regrets. I have not stopped dca ever again.
I am new to this space, but I feel like most of the lessons learned directly apply here as well.

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