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Solidity - Best or Worst Programming Language?

Is Solidity the best or worst programming language?- Jimmy, Wedell, Robert, and Frederick hold a discussion about the fundamentals of Solidity and what future does it really have in the blockchain ecosystem. Robert gives us an update for Brave “Ads and payments for ads”. Wendell talks TRX/BTT, while Jimmy is confused about why EOS is a thing.
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Bitcoin & Crypto News- Does Bitcoin Get ETF SEC Approval or Cancelled 2019

LIVE Update on Bitcoin News & price analysis. Also, Exchange giant Binance working with TRX to pump cryptocurrency market projects. Please visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.peralt… Coin market capitalization, BTC price, top ten crypto, and TA are also covered. Jimmy and Robert discuss Charles Hoskinson’s (Founder of IOHK) statement that “crypto will not see another all-time high for a decade.” do they agree or will they disagree with the statement made and are more optimistic for a new all-time high before the decade as predicted by Charles?
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Blockchain in Fintech Market

Blockchain in Fintech Market is taking the world by storm, but what is fintech? many people believe that fintech is a new term that arrived with blockchain, however, fintech is a standalone term.
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FIntech Kenya News: Mpesa Mobile Money Transfers are Banking the UnBanked

FIntech Kenya News: Mpesa Mobile Money Transfers are Banking the UnBanked. Fintech Blockchain is taking over, and people who once lived in poverty are finding a way out.
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Price Analysis Today

Bitcoin price analysis today is what most people ask but who do you trust? With many people in the “bitcoin price analysis” field who do you trust or where can we get reliable information from? for bitcoin price analysis I turn to Tyler Jenks and Tone Vays, who do you trust?
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Bitcoin Halving Price

What is a Bitcoin halving? What will the Bitcoin Halving price be in 2020? Many market speculators assume that the future bitcoin halving price will propel the currency. Will this market created hype behind the halving price drive btc to the moon or will it be a letdown?
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Bitcoin Halving 2020 Price: Will it Soar?

Bitcoin Halving 2020 Price is still uncertain, however, many people believe that the bitcoin halving price for 2020 will replicate past price actions. This clip is from the full stream that can be replayed here. What do you think the bitcoin halving 2020 price will be? Leave some comments and let us know!
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Blockchain In Fintech Market - JP Morgan Coin

Blockchain in Fintech Market- JP Morgan Coin is about JP Morgan finally entering the blockchain space, after a long campaign of bashing bitcoin and blockchain.

This is a revolutionary step in fintech market due to the fact the major banks are now admitting the potential and power of blockchain.

But is the JP Morgan coin a joke in the blockchain space? Or is it a real contender?

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Jamie Dimon’s Bitcoin - JP Morgan Coin JPM

Jamie Dimon Bitcoin is a play on the JP Morgan coin which has been dismissed as a joke by the professionals and blockchain enthusiast alike.

But will Jamie Dimon’s bitcoin and blockchain criticism from the past come back to hun him? Join the panelist and me to find out if Jami Dimon’s vision is a tough pill to swallow, or visionary? Or is there another project like it already being tested?

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Crypto Fights

Crypto fights are becoming the norm within the crypto community but how far will this go? with crypto fights popping up all over the place, Andreas M. Antonopoulos stepped up to play peacemaker.
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Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet - The best wallet

Which bitcoin lightning network wallet should I use? Better yet, what is the bitcoin lightning network? Also:
1 - What is LN torch is, the status and how the popularity of Lightning network has been growing,
2 - What are the differences as well as other integrations such as Twitter and square that are working on it.
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Coinbase Earn - Learn Crypto while you earn

Coinbase Earn - Learn Crypto while you earn Is the best way to learn and understand the crypto space. Coinbase is the most known on-ramp to crypto, now coinbase has conjured a program to learn crypto while you earn.
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Elastos Smart Web - with Famous Amos

The Elastos smart web has been represented very well by Famous Amos, but what is the elastos smart web and how does it work? Famous Amos is known as an Elastos maximalist and explains
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Mac N Cheese Crypto Investing

Mac N Cheese - crypto edition is Robert’s way of letting people know that even on a mac n cheese budget, people can invest in crypto.

This video is extraordinary because it is one or Robert’s favorite phrase, and ours here on Digit-all.

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Zee Zheng and Spacechain

Zee Zheng is an early adopter in bitcoin and blockchain who is now working with a massive team for a very ambitious project.

Zee Zheng and his team understand that the project is massive in scope and it is an enormous undertaking. However, spacechain has been picking up massive steam with the launch of their LEO satellite.

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Join the Network!

The #digitall Lightning Torch has been passed to @cryptomotive ! Check out the latest stream, where @jimmy built an Lightning Node, @bitnative smashed some keys, @frederick called out the crazy personalities in the space, and @agentskull deflected for our beloved Charles!

Show Summary:
The Lightning Network Demo - mini-hackathon was done by Jimmy unboxing and putting together a rapspiblitz node, followed by Wendell attempting the 10-minute lightning node challenge. Finally, Robert will check in with the viewers for a status on the digit-all lightning torch.

Everything you need to build along with @delirium_igniter and @Bitnative

SD Card Image: [http://wiki.fulmo.org/downloads/raspiblitz-v1.0-2019-02-18.img.gz]
Etcher: [https://www.balena.io/etcher/]
Tera Term: [https://ttssh2.osdn.jp/index.html.en]
Putty: [https://www.putty.org/]

Item List:
16GB SSD - [https://amzn.to/2Uwij0X]
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ - [https://amzn.to/2UsnTBn]
Power Supply - [https://amzn.to/2T3EAli]
Clear Case - [https://amzn.to/2VNgnBa]
1 TB Hard Drive - [https://amzn.to/2VTj3gC]
3.5 LCD Display - [https://amzn.to/2O0kSWl]

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@atnick thank you so much for helping us out getting all of these backlogged videos on to the Pub, we greatly appreciate it :pray:


Zap iOS 10 minute Bitcoin Lightning Node Challenge


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