Ditch-It: The Crypto Classifieds App Powered by Electroneum



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Ditch-it the crypto classifieds app, powered by Electroneum explodes in the UK with over 500,000 new users within 24 hours

Electroneum Enters a $47B Dollars Used Goods Market With The Ditch-it App launching it’s ICO.

Las Vegas, NV – Jan 26th 2018, The competition in the used goods marketplace is heating up. Ditch-it is the first player in the used goods space for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who sell used goods online and has been termed by some as the “OfferUp Killer”.

Ditch-it that has launched it’s ICO one day ago and has investors flocking. Used goods are not even accounted in a country’s GDP, however, the size of the used goods market in US is over $300 billion (without including used automobile/housing sales).

Ditch-it is a decentralized mobile classifieds app that allows users to sell and discover used goods nearby for cryptocurrency using their smartphones. Users can post a free “listing” by taking a few pictures or have the option to use your DICH tokens to increase their brands awareness by simply selling with video and setting an asking price. The listing then gets exposed to millions of Ditch-it users.

The Ditch-it ICO has created quite the buzz in the world of Digital Currencies as investors flock to the best ICO’s hoping to cash in on the ground floor and pave the way for their retirement. Analysts have been predicting that this ICO may be among the top ICO’s of the year because of the exponential growth of the Ditch-It user base as well as company expansion. When the Ditch-it app launches 1 DICH token will give you $1 in ad credits, so Ditch-it will not rely heavily on exchanges.

To learn more about this ICO or purchasing tokens for investment purposes, visit their official website at http://www.ditchit.io.

Media Contact:
Attn: Media Relations 5940 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118

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Interesting. I cant participate in ICOs but will consider it when it hits exchanges.


Looks cool no icos for me unfortunately


Can not do the ICO, but will consider once it hits an exchange.


What does powered by electroneum mean? Is it powered by their token or the company? Did electroneum stop working on the mobile mining app?


I like the idea. I’ve been saying to friends for months “if Gumtree got their shit together and made an app running on blockchain using crypto, they’d be raking it in”. I live in Australia, but will check it out further when I finish work this evening.


I think Current.US did the same thing. They took a mediocre media aggregate app and connected it to blockchain, and now it’s getting over-deserved buzz.


Yeah I think Current will do well though. It’s a product that the average person (consumer/end user) can relate to easily. And the FOMO about the idea of it being the next YouTube/Spotify/etc. should push the price up.

If Ditch-It can deliver on their idea, they’ll do alright.


I think i’ll do a long post on Current as another topic. I’m not sure the average person will enjoy being hit with constant ads on Current. Yes, there will be some FOMO which could help people earn some monies, but I don’t see long term potential unless they change their ad model. Why would I pay spotify to remove ads, only to go to current and have ads return? I think Pandora is dying for the same reason. Sometimes we don’t want artists forced down our throats. Remember when Myspace was nothing but band friend requests? Current will push new artists on us, as well as pushing curators and influencers on us. Gross. “Hey, check out my playlist and get .0023 CRNC!!” ugh


You can still pay for your subscription. But you can choose if you want ads or not from what I’ve read. You only earn credit if you have ads turned on and the service costs money to use.

Anyway, this probably belongs in a Current thread :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ll try to add my thoughts to one of those CRNC threads.

Back to topic. I did check out the Ditch It page. I guess ETN will be a viable currency on the classified platform. I wonder if that pubber who burned a million ETNs will be kicking himself now.


I couldnt see how this works[do u have to meet the person?] but I thought it would be cool if you pay in ditchit tokens. Theyre sent to ditchit and held until the item is given safely after a review.

I always thought thered be a market for a “bank of junk.” I.e. i want to sell you a bowling ball. I drop it off in a locker or whatever. Once you pay, the receiver gets the digital key to unlock and you never have to meet the seller, just be in the same.city. this keeps people from robbing you unlike craigslist.


Can USA residents participate? Which analysts gave Ditch-It a high rating? Is there a list somewhere we can look at?


I love Craigslist, so this is right up my use-case alley!


Does this mean the token will not appreciate in value? Why would I invest in the token then?


DICH is used to pay for listings/ads. Goods are traded in electroneum. Not sure why the dich token is even necessary.


Interesting… :lambo::lambo::lambo::lambo::lambo:


Did I hear right that you’re working on a coin/ICO Seth?


I’m advising on one and planning / researching something for BotList. Trying to figure out what the value would be, but I do see a future for bots and blockchain tech.