Diversifying Among Different Sectors of Industry -- IDEAS!

So I’ve begun the start thinking of the long game in terms of Industry Sectors. Here is what I mean.

I think there is incredible value in determining what coins are likely to dominate certain industries or sectors. These would include things like:

Currency (Store of Value)
Platforms (smart contracts, etc.)
Social Networks
Digital Content Distribution

Within some of these sectors, there are multiple coins trying to dominate the space. Eg. ETH/NEO, so I would hold both coins. There are also divisions competing among continents. eg. ETH(North America), QTUM (Europe), NEO(Asia), so I would hold all three of these.

Does anyone here think like this in terms of a long term strategy to ultimately bet on the entire market?
If anyone would like to add ideas to this please do. Let me know what coins you think are the leaders in their respective “sectors”. What exactly are the core sectors? Lets talk about the benefits and risks of this approach to investing.


In order for this to work effectively, we need to identify the main sectors!

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Would they not be the same as the standard market?

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$PTOY for Medical!

They’re releasing their patient app next month.


Yes, but what are those? List your sector ideas, then let’s identify the one or two coins within each sector that are likely to get a foothold

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Post the link for the coin so I can check it out

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Patientory or $PTOY will disrupt the healthcare industry in that it will revolutionize medical data security and make verification processes more efficient and safe.

Kind of like Civic but for your healthcare info. Check it out!



I have a similar list and think it’s definitely a good idea.

For me this is the fascination of this space. I have the opportunity to make an investment in any sector that the internet revolutionized, and hopefully with the right research make some good decisions see some great ROI.
I have a few of the same sectors as you @asharp but also have

Gambling - online gambling is only going to get bigger and lots of blockchain start ups are proposing promivably fair games

Green / Substainable - I haven’t spent too much time on this yet, or just haven’t seen much. I had my eye on Suntoken during their ICO but haven’t followed up yet. If any one has any more leads i’d dig to hear em.

Cannabis I feel that the long term medical marijuana / hemp industry is huge and could be the ultimate disruptor/paradigm shifter. Just not sure it needs it’s own currency

VR / Gaming Not really what I’m into, but the potential could be huge

Legal particularly for the one who makes the potential of smart contracts a user friendly experience and puts legal resources into the hand of the average joe

Of my additions I hold BET and NLC2 under gambling and POT for Cannabis


Green/Sustainable could be really big! If you have the time, would you be willing to post the coins you think will dominate the sectors you have identified? I think that could be a great resource for our users. Thanks so much for posting this. It is really helpful my friend.


Sure thing, it’s my on going project, to keep me from going mad and staring at charts all day!
I’m mainly trying to, like you, identify great sectors, the coins may or may not be around yet.


I’m not sure what category it falls in perhaps Identity Store. But so far Civic is the only one in this area. Unless I’m mistaken


Yes but this will be a key sector that someone will need to address. Reputation and Identity


I like this question. I am about to invest $1000.00 and I was think about how to go about this in a conservative way. I am thinking to split $250 in 4 Bit/Lte/Monero/Eth to cover all areas and then just add to each on a monthly basis. I think that the gaming, privacy and legal areas are good investments. New here today, so I hope I posted in right area.


Welcome to the PUB my friend! Glad you are here.


Here is a good infographic on this idea


I’ll give it some thought this weekend, thought I do think the Macros/Mircos within sectors such as QTUM/ETH/NEO can be categorized in MICRO Geographically in a ‘Zoom Out’ Perspective there are MACRO Considerations.

I.E. ETH Rolled back the Chain (philosophical & pragmatic position) NEO (as “China’s ETH”) - well we will not be seeing rollbacks. [Explanation Withheld] QTUM I can not speak on intelligently to include it in this post.

Also, limitations MACRO in coding for ETH, Heavy Downside for mutiple ICO’s (even if 1/2 fail - being conservative here) we could see a :poop: storm in the crypto market futures worse than the Real Storms we are seeing here (MICRO US)

Population, National allegiances, and politics will change (MACRO) to support these emerging Tech & companies. Not the other way around. Despite what China says today.

Just an example or “Food for Thought” I’ve done quite a bit of game theory studies over the past week, and have left trading alone. (Glad I did!) :cowboy_hat_face:


Here is another image showing different sectors

Pulled from this post on the PUB:


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