DMCA Removal for Content



it’s begun…


What you guys are doing is working. Id say thats awesome! The Bitcoin Pub is now a mover and shaker


This is why we must continue to grind.

We shall work consistently and diligently.


My body is ready - Yen yo!



This is in itself not the most pathetic, what is more pathetic, that when these 2 nerds started google they decided that their mantra was “don’t be evil”


first the youtube wankers, then twitter, then facebook, then google, nothing new here, keep grinding, one day the slap their forehead wondering why they didn’t invest


now they are demonetizing us!


My pitchfork is raised.


peeps who want to shut you down. offer a small-cap concurrency service for 5k. whatever the fuck that means.

This ugly muthafucka named Teeka