Do you hold bitcoin?


I have setup a portfolio of alt coin back in November 2017, after seeing rapid gains end of 2017 I am now witnessing a 50% loss (at least) on my portfolio.

I am planning to hold at least 50% of my total allocation into bitecoin, how much are you invested in in terms of total allocation % ?


Now is not the time to sell alts for BTC, IMO…

Put new fiat into Bitcoin on a regular basis, hold your underwater alt coins, unless they are just pure :poop:

Your portfolio diversity, or lack thereof, is based on your own personal investment premise/goals. Any blanket portfolio break down is arbitrary and unhelpful. BTC is BTC. Don’t invest BTC or fiat into something you haven’t convinced yourself will outperform BTC.


Do you hold bitcoin? I might, and might not…

but one thing is certain, any altcoin i currently own, will eventually be traded for Bitcoin :wink:


Totally agree, that’s why I have liquidated what I consider idle project or project I invested in with a lack of knowledge, but anyway, searching is a matter of time I don’t really have at the moment that’s why I moved some of my investment into project that are more mature or for which you don’t event have to do a lot of research like Bitcoin.


Yep, 100% me too. I think it’ll be good for altcoin gains to be put into bitcoin since altcoins in the past, had higher ROIs. So technically, you could potentially get more BTC that way. But then again, it’s gotta be the right season to do that.


majority of my portfolio has been in btc + stable coins for a while. BTC is very good in bear trends :slight_smile:


I have just made a tactical trade on ETC since it’s planned to be started on coinbase in September, hopefully I will be able to deploy some gains on BTC after the pump…


yeah - i moved my miners from ETH to ETC recently so gather some ETCs for HODLing :slight_smile:


A bit off-topic, but do you think listing on Coinbase is enough to pump ETC? Coinbase isn’t a top 10 exchange and the bigger problem for ETC is hardly anyone uses the network (in terms of Dapps).

Back on topic, I made similar investments in November/December 2017 (more losses because all alts were higher when bought) and I’m hodling every one of them. The only one I sold some was 0x as it still more than triple my investment. I’m also hodling the :poop: because when the markets hit ATH again, even these :poop: coins will be worth more than they’re now because ppl will FOMO like they did end of last year.


As coinbase is still an on-road for newbies I think it’ll affect the price a bit, but right now crypto is less fashionable than most of last year so less newbies jumping in so not the type of boost it would have a year ago.

But in the long run it’s all still new and ETC is one of the longer-standing coins with a solid history and still pretty liquid.


Coinbase is the go to place for people who don’t really care about crypto. They just want to get on the gain train when the price starts to go up again. ETC will look cheap, and people will buy it. Just like with what happened with litecoin.


I think there will be a pump after and just before ETC gets listed on coinbase, it’s currently ranked 12 in terms of total voume in $, speculator will pump and dump, to which extent I don’t know…

I have changed my mindset and just sold all my coins, NEO, OMG, ICX, KEY, TKY, DBC, QLC and lost 10 ground, and I am deploying my cash on ETC as I think there’s some potential on this coin at the moment.

I playing poker a little bit but I am sick of this bear market, watching blue chip coins going to 0… HODL is a good strategy in a bull market but I feel I need to do something.

It doesn’t mean I won’t invest the benefit back into NEO, hopefully benefits, at some point but I need some gain.


A few words of caution…

Coinbase could have a number of new coins listed before the next bull market, will it still look cheap? What if thee media becomes a little more savvy and drum up doubt in the “funds are SAFU” aspect of ETC when they talk about it’s history? The general public hears about the daohack, they don’t know WTF “dao” is, but damn are they scared of Russian hackers.

They (interested parties) may also shill it as the BCash to Bitcoin, the ETC to ETH…


Interesting speculation.

What are you planning for ETC?


I’m expecting less and less of the coinbase effect as time goes on.

ETC may still very well pump from it though.


Should have been some nice profits taken over the last couple days tho


Dropped just as quickly, however. Thing about this sort of crypto market is that with the bots involved, the price moves even faster.


Everything is down today man, how many more times can we keep testing this level :weary:


Its manipulated to fuck mate…
the only bright cloud is 5 months ago this kind of news would have had it at 2K…
I am amazed it holds up so well recently…


As many times as it takes, haha. I don’t have any guarantee where this is going. Doing that conservative DCA mostly for ETC. It seems pretty happy bouncing around ~15-20$ for the full year now, with that one runup due to the airdrops.