Do you want to be a part of something big?


Hello everyone

My name is Stuart Anderson and I’ve been actively involved in crypto currency since 2011 when I first started mining Bitcoin. Over the last years I have also been mining altcons, and have built several rigs using AMD and Nvidia cards as well as adding to my growing collection of AntMiners.

I’m a technologist/software developer with over twenty years of experience working at some of the world’s largest technology companies but earlier this year I gave up the rat race to focus on my family and personal wellbeing. During this time I have been developing a software platform that manages my multi algo/multi hardware mining activities and maximizes profit. When comparing my platform to NiceHash or manual pool/coin hopping using identical hardware over a three month period, I realized an 18% - 22% greater return.

The next step of my plan is to use the platform to essentially present mining as a SaaS (Software as a Service) that anyone, whether a cryptocurrency expert or complete newbie, can use to easily profit from mining and acquire Bitcoin without having to do any of the work themselves.

My ultimate goals are to make mining and access to/use of cryptocurrencies easy for the ‘everyday person in the street’, as well contributing to decentralization of Bitcoin and other altcoins.

I am now increasing the capacity of my farm to build on my success and would like to invite interested parties who may like to be involved to contact me by commenting on this thread or by sending me a private message.



Hey man. Glad you’re here. It sounds like this may an opportunity.
However, for posts like these, we require a little bit more transparency around what you’re doing and who you are.

In this world where ICO’s are popping up everywhere and it’s hard to know what to believe, it’s almost as if the bar has been fundamentally raised due to this lack of transparency.

So, would it be possible to include more information, data, pictures, (proof), that what you’re talking about really has value? If so, then sharing the details (without spilling the secret sauce), would be much appreciated!

Thanks man!


Hi Peter

We discussed some ideas when we met a couple of months ago and I e-mailed you the details of this venture and you suggested posting it on here so that’s what I did.

I thought I’d given enough detail of who I am and my background in my post, but obviously not…

Apart from that I live in Alpharetta, GA with my wife, three daughters and two dogs I can’t think of what else to say about myself. As far as ICOs and other pump and dump scams go, I completely understand for the need of transparency, it’s quite difficult though, to go in to too much detail of how the platform works without giving away the ‘secret sauce’. That said, the platform uses various data sources and some proprietary calculations within a decision engine and controls and monitors the hardware using the API for the particular miner being managed.

Presently, I’m looking for developers and testers who’d like to help realize my vision of an accessible mining SaaS, obviously I’m open to people who would like to donate Antminers/GPU rigs to the project but I’m not holding out much hope on that. :wink:

I an currently arranging the funding to build the commercial platform and the mining farm but I do plan on open sourcing a free to use personal version as well.

Is that enough detail?


I’d be interested as a tester and potentially more. PM me or email me.


I am interested as well in the same regard; I’m a professional software developer with a burgeoning interest in crypto. My email is


I am also interested. You can contact me on Thank you.


I’m interested to find out more. I can test as well as that’s my day job.

Hit me up



To all who replied, my apologies for not being in touch. I have been completely occupied with raising investment and setting up the business. I will post a more detailed update here and contact everyone who sent me a personal message ASAP.



hey stuart, i just started a big mining operation in canada, i operate 300+ antminers.
i also have alot of room to expand and i have access to good electricity rate. im offering hosting services for other peoples machines.
also i saw you mentioned that your program is 20% more efficient than nicehash, id be interested in testing it.


Hi Peter

I hope all is well with you. We are in the Pre-Launch phase of my cloud mining company: hodlAir, our official launch date is 22nd February but we began mining for our Pre-Launch clients on the 23rd January.

I will be sending out a message shortly to my 100+ customers with a link to one of the YouTube videos you posted today.

As you’re one of the few people on YouTube posting on cryptocurrency, who’s opinion I highly respect, I am recommending to all of my clients that they subscribe to your channel.

Thanks for all your insights on YouTube, keep up the good work.



Hi Omar

Apologies for not replying earlier, I have been focused on nothing other than launching since November. Thank you for your offer of hosting, but we have our own datacenter and are highly focused on using renewable energy as well as R&D of energy conversion, as such hosting in third party data centers is not of interest right now.