Doge Soju Shirt


Thanks for all the great comments on the corgi nightlife shirt. If you are interested in picking one up you can get it here:


Ajumma! White Dog ju-seyo!!

Oh what i wouldn’t give for some Soju and an OB!


I love this shirt my man! Go for the gold!


Will it ship to Canada?

Darcy C


This shirt is awesome. I am all over it.


Yes, we ship to Canada.


I was a Soju + Bacchus guy. The predecessor to Red Bull + Vodka.


Matt where were you stationed and when? I was there for Foul Eagle in 93 & 94. (Osan & Kunsan) and went on Vacation to Kunsan in early '93 (Yeah I know who goes on Vacation to Kunsan!)


Osan 1995-1997. From 1997 to 2003 I was in Okinawa and part of CSAR so I spent about 4 months every year back at Osan or Busan. I enjoyed Okinawa just fine, but I miss the shit out of Korea. Some of the best years of my life there.


Love it! I just ordered the doge soju hoodie.

How long will the delivey take to Holland? I chose the First Class Package International option.


Thanks. Production time is usually about 5 business days give or take. First class mail sent from the US to the Netherlands should arrive within 5-7 business days.



Great! Looking forward to wear it. Keep up the good work.


Are you from Korea? This design is very hot atm


Korean blood but American living in Southern California.


Got mine the other day. Love it. Very comfortable.


Should send us a pic tho…


I will do that tonite!




Looking Good!




The drunken dog shirt suits everyone except for the Korean people. You don’t want to know the following plan.

Just saying…:sunglasses: