DogeLord Ecommerce Store Grand Opening Coming Soon!

A new Doge-centric and Bitcoin cryptocurrency t-shirt store is about to have its Grand Opening! More than 9 months in the making, is about to give birth to a monster!

T-shirt and apparel designs from the mind of a madman are about to be unleashed upon the Cryptocurrency world at what seems to be the calm before the massive Bull Market goes parabolic! A Grand Opening at this moment couldn’t have better timing if you ask me.

But you didn’t ask, so let’s get back to why you’re reading this. Some of the items going on sale during the event are sure to be crowd pleasers that will sell out while others will only appeal to the OGs in the crypto space. Designs like:

I Survived Mt. Gox

And the I Survived Mt Gox Socks which literally only exist because they should.

Another soon to be fan favorite for anyone who loves Litecoin and can’t wait to join the community would be this Snapback Hat.

A symbol of how the Litecoin Community and the Community fit perfectly well together. Expect more of these hats with your favorite coin on them as well…

For those of you reading this who prefer a simpler taste, you may take a liking to this Bitcoin and the Blockchain t-shirt.

For me, I have to be honest. As a Military Veteran and Patriot, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys!

The Bitcoin Moon Landing in tribute to the most famous photo of World War II. The planting of the American Flag at the top of Iwo Jima. It puts a tingle in the pajhis, a sense of Pride in the heart, and almost brings a tear to the eyes.

Oh yes! Many great things will be coming from this store!

And don’t worry @peter, there’s sure to be a Special Something or two for the Original Dogelord! will be opening soon!


OMG! I love this! This is so epic!


I neeed That Ltc Yen Hat ASAP Rocky


Means a lot coming from you Peter! Expect a package in the near future!

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That bitcoin landing tribute and the yen hat


Time to support the dogelord!

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YO!!! Thanks for the shoutout! Too Awesome!

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Now finish it and get it done.

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Can’t wait for you all to see what I’ve been building! Currently ironing out what I hope are THE “Last Minute Bugs” so I can get this to you all!


DogeLord Ecommerce Store Update!

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