DogeLord Ecommerce Store Grand Opening Today!

The GRAND OPENING of the ecommerce store that you have been waiting so patiently for has Finally Arrived!

This day has been a long time coming as many of you may know. The grind and hustle it takes to create and build, is something many people in the crypto space are fully aware of, but few appreciate it.

With ideas blazing, builders often experience hiccups in their carefully crafted business venture roadmaps. Blood, sweat, tears and headaches are a plenty for those who choose to create something in the hopes that others will appreciate what is being made, and the madman behind the ecommerce store is no exception!

And what perfect timing! The Back to School Season is in full bloom, and is finally here to meet your desires for cool and fun Cryptocurrency Apparel!

Whether you are sending your kids to school or you are going to college yourself, go and spread the good word of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency with the latest in apparel designs!


Take the above Yen & Bitcoin Snapback hat for example.It would pair nicely with the Yen & Bitcoin Hoodie.


Put those together with either one of these cool back to school backpacks, and everyone will be asking you where you got them!


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Why are you still reading this? The people who subscribed to the newsletter early on had a heads up before you did, and some of our apparel wont be available forever.


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